In his letter, Sergei Garmash told that cannot accept vector of development of theater set Victor Ryzhakova for six months after the death of Galina Volchek, whom he succeeded as artistic Director. “These six months have shown a – he wrote and said Garmash – how disastrous was the decision on the appointment of Victor Ryzhakova. Catastrophic for the future of the theatre. It was taken behind-the-scenes, during the life of GB. Signed within the coffin”.

Among the complaints to the new artistic Director of Garmash was named the split of the troupe, the power of dictatorship instead of the rule of authority instead of dialogue, appeal to the government officials who carried out the appointment. No less reason for his disturbance was the “Dialogues” – 13 series of conversations in YouTube young actors on quite the attitude to the memory of the war, many of which Garmash called blasphemy and provocation. “You know, today the situation in the troupe monstrous. On the face of the obvious split in what was not here, never.” All responsibility for this split Garmash has placed on the current artistic Director.

the Advent of “Contemporary” Victor Ryzhakova, many seemed almost perfect replacement Volchek, immediately proved to be fraught with destruction and conflict. It happened unnecessarily quickly, immediately after the death of the artistic Director. Perhaps this haste was due to the fact that it Garmash was one of the candidates for the post of artistic Director. The actor himself said that he was not going to lead the theatre; he saw the perfect Board for 3-5 years, which had to find a new chief Director. So it was after the departure of Oleg Efremov. “And in my opinion it should be a young Director, 40-year-old man.”

Part of the actors, among them Leah Akhedzhakova and Chulpan Khamatova, do not believe that their colleague has correctly described the situation. However, some of workers, providing the support of the theatre has already been fired, planned a series of reductions among the ushers and attendant. It is also known that Ryzhakov was asked to leave and many years the literary Manager of the theatre Evgeniya Kuznetsova. And it is precisely this person could provide continuity, and the dialogue could be the beginning of a great dialogue of the undivided troupe. As said Kuznetsova, the correspondent “RG”, such a dialogue did not take place for six months once. She intends to write a book about the work of Galina Volchek, that she needed two years of work, and work in the walls of the theater. Viktor Ryzhakov took the time out to solve.

“Contemporary” for many years when Volchek was theater, in which there was a special atmosphere of trust and Frank conversation with the artistic Director and to each other. This atmosphere is destroyed. Whoever emerged victorious in the current conflict, the theater lost it. Still waiting for art to justify those victims.

Viktor Ryzhakov 2013 headed Center. Sun. Meyerhold, the Director collaborates with the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov the BDT them. G. Tovstonogov, the Alexandrinsky theatre, Theatre of Nations, teaches at the School-Studio MXAT. Artistic Director of “Sovremennik” theatre was appointed immediately after the death Volchek, at the end of December 2019. His first season he dedicated to her memory. Now, the theater began a large research project devoted to the past “Contemporary”, a series of lectures and meetings. As the correspondent of “RG”, already have plans for the new season, but officially they have not yet been announced.

Sergei Garmash began working in the theater “Contemporary” from after School theatre Studio in 1984. One of the leading actors of the troupe, is currently engaged in six performances of the current repertoire, including the last premiere of the theater, which was released shortly after the death Volchek (“Dad” on the play by Florian Zeller directed by Evgeny Arie will open a poster of the new season is already on 1 and 2 September).

the Unexpected decision Sergei Garmash go of the “Contemporary” surprised colleagues. The actress Chulpan Khamatova described the situation in one word “monstrous”. Khamatova said that the current Director Victor Ryzhakov has not yet had time to “show off”, as the theatre was closed for quarantine.

“It is the choice of Sergey Garmash. We all have different aesthetic views on what should be the theater, what should be the statements” she said and added that once a person as an artist could not agree with another artist – so he chooses a different path.

Khamatova Also commented on the working style of the new leader, who, according to her, not chasing fashion in the empty sense of the word.

“He means “popular theatre”. And there is every chance to keep the main thing that was in the theater – the ripple of time and honest conversation with the audience”, she explained.

as for Sergei Garmash, Chulpan Khamatova that considers it a brilliant artist, which will decorate any company.