for a long time the FCB to Sion’s Pajtim Kasami (27) is competing, but is not willing to pay at least 4 million. Now it could still movement in the Transfer, such as “Le Matin” reported.

Apparently, Sion would be willing to let the midfielder for significantly less money if you The (34) and Afimico Pululu (20), both still in Basel, were borrowed, in turn, Serey last but Xamax could have.

Serey played from 2008 to 2013 in Sion and Xamax under Stéphane Henchoz one of the key players. In the Barrage-the return of the midfield-Puncher is not transformed, only the Penalty for 1:0, but also the decisive penalty kick shoot-out in penalty shootouts.

The man from the ivory coast had been on loan in the winter break, from Basel to new castle, because he was under the FCB Coach Marcel Koller of the starting eleven.

First, however, Serey plays with the ivory coast in the Africa Cup of Nations (21. June to the 19th century. July) in Egypt. And first, Pajtim Kasami takes on Monday, the Training in Sion, because Henchoz wants to see all the players, first of all, in Sion under contract. Kasami it is. Serey is not.