Two percent error rate: What sounds like a little, turned out in absolute terms and as a considerable Problem. About 70’000 beginning of the year by the Radio – and TV-fees-collection Agency Serafe sent invoices were defective. So neighbors lived, for example, suddenly in the same household or members of the family were missing.

About a year and a half later, the Billag, the successor has not coped with the address Chaos still. At the end of January, the Federal office for communication (Ofcom) had decided that all of the corrections do not need to be the inhabitant of the services that had supplied the wrong data set, but the Serafe reported. A decision made in June to reverse.

Because the Problem is: The company may take bug fixes, and collect. You may adjust but they are by law not by yourself. For this, the data must go back to the residents of services. What is not due to data protection, as easy as it sounds.

data not supplied

It will be at least the height of summer, until you’ve found a solution, it was called in the spring. In the meantime, autumn is not checked – the issue still. You have carried out with eight municipalities for a pilot test, said spokesman Erich Heynen, compared to “Le Matin Dimanche”. “We are confident that we can support with these experiences in a timely manner, the responsible inhabitants services with the collected customer reactions across the Board,” according to Heynen, on demand, from VIEWS.

Because Serafe has not reported back the errors to the population services, have had reported that some households in the summer – although they point in the Survey the error – again a false statement get. The Affected do not need to care about. You can throw the faulty invoice to the paper. Who has reported the error already, it should do so directly at the inhabitant services.

The address-Puff had Serafe the phones storm ring. On peak days, you’ve answered up to 10’000 customers’ requests, said the Serafe speaker in April. 30 additional call center employees had to be hired. The more effort you need to shell out Ofcom will once. (lha)