1. January 2019 a new fee for Radio and television replaced the former Billag-reception fee. Instead of Billag bills a spin now from the Swiss collection Agency for Radio and television tax (Serafe) in the house. But often in the wrong place. Or incorrectly with additional household residents. Billag-the successor to Serafe an address is currently-Puff (EYES reported).

are affected, As many households, currently not say, explains Serafe speaker Erich Heynen opposite VIEW. It could be a few Hundred or a few Thousand. Because the company has sent out the beginning of the year to 3.6 million accounts. “It is only a half a thousandth is not correctly summed up the still,” said Heynen. And he defends himself: “A mess is not because of that but of the inhabitants of the controls basically do a very good Job – in spite of the additional burden. That there is such a system of exchange errors was to be expected.”

He takes in the municipalities in the protection, which will deliver the data via the cantons to the Serafe: “The inhabitants controls do a very good Job, although you have to cope with exceptional effort.”

VIEW explains what to do the Affected. And what should know the Serafe customers about the change in the system.

To whom you do not need to apply, if the information is correct?

“The Serafe may not accept any Changes to their address data,” writes the company on its website. The data for household formation are supplied by the municipalities. If there are any discrepancies you should consult the inhabitants control of their own community, so they corrected the address data.

you Should pay the wrong bill?

no. You should report false information to the population controls, so that they can correct the data then you will soon be receiving a new invoice. “The error is reported immediately and the old bill to dispose of,” says Heynen. It would also be sent the same warnings, he promises.

However, you can pay an incorrect invoice. The incorrectly listed “household members” – for example, the neighbour to come around to their own account, if the error is not reported. He simply falls through the mesh.

If no notification is made, could be but made no correction, the Federal office for communications (Ofcom). Consequences of fear but no. “A criminal offence this is not,” Ofcom is, of course, speaker Francis Meier.

you Must log in if you did not receive an invoice?

no, a duty, and there are no. “The consumer must make to the collection Agency absolutely nothing,” says Heynen. “The responsibility lies in this respect with us, than that we have a mandate to form from the of the population controls data supplied to households.”

If you fall for the time being, through the mesh, it does not mean, however, that it comes sooner or later to the cashier. Ofcom spokesman Meier makes clear that the levy is compulsory for all households and is also in arrears. “Once the collection Agency receives from the residents’ registration authority the necessary information to request the amount in question,” says Meier. “On the basis of the present data quality and the continuous improvement of the is likely to happen but hardly until years later.” And: Also in this case, there is no criminal liability of the tax was subject to.

What if a household receives several invoices?

There are not only cases with, in addition, listed members of the Household, but also those where a couple in the same household of each separate invoice. In this case, you should report it immediately to the inhabitants of control! In order to obtain a single correct bill.

You should not come up with the idea to pay just one of two false invoices, and to consider the case as completed. “We get no adjustment, threatens to send a reminder, and later, possibly even a driver,” said Heynen.

Why was the change in the system?

In June 2015, has approved the people of the new Radio and television law, which allows you to Change the receiving fee system. The device-dependent licence fee was abolished by 2019. Instead, a device was introduced independent of the budget submission. In addition, the voting public has rejected this year, the No-Billag Initiative.

How much will the new levy cost?

Each household pays 365 Swiss francs per year. This is significantly less than the earlier 450 francs. Must pay in principle each household, the tax – regardless of whether he has even really a lobby.

Why do you get 2019 two bills?

The new bill you receive in January 2019. The Serafe divides the households according to the random principle in twelve billing groups. Most of the households of each settlement group will receive in January the first a part of the bill; only then will the financial statements of 365 Swiss francs in the assigned month. In the year 2020, this mode is fully engaged.

In the year 2019, a transitional regime applies. All of the billing groups in the months of February to December will receive a partial invoice for the annual accounts receive the preceding months.

So a household that was divided into the may-payroll group, for example, in January 2019, with a partial bill for the months of January to April and only in may 2019, the annual financial statements for the period from may 2019 to April 2020.

What happens with the paid VAT?

During years paid the Billag customer VAT on the fee – to wrong. Last year, the Federal government decided to handed in four sample cases, that the VAT should retroactively be five years to be paid back. Each household receives a lump-sum of around CHF 50 will be refunded. Once the legal basis is adopted by Parliament, the flat rate on a Serafe-invoice. This is likely to be in 2020.

everyone has to pay the levy?

no, there are exceptions. Of the new tax, those households are exempt, in which at least one member AHV/IV supplementary benefits.

residents of nursing homes, residential and children’s homes, boarding schools, disabled institutions, hospitals, prisons or monasteries pay no direct tax. For those facilities with a collective output of 730 Swiss francs will be charged.

in Addition, households are exempt, the only of deaf members.

households without any possibility of receiving electronic media, can also make a request for an exemption. However, this “Opting-out” is limited to five years.

What the companies pay in the future?

in addition to the budget submission there is also a tax on Companies. The fee is paid by company with its seat, domicile or permanent establishment in Switzerland which are listed in the VAT-Register and an annual turnover of a minimum of 500’000 Swiss francs.

Around three-quarters of all enterprises are not covered. A total of only 138’000 company tax are subject to.

The corporate tax to six tariff levels. The tax amounts, depending on the level of 365 Swiss francs per year up to a maximum of 35’590 Swiss francs.

How high the taxes are in total?

Ofcom expects revenue out of a total of 1.37 billion Swiss francs. 163 million Swiss francs to be shelled out by the company.