On Saturday, shows Sepp Blatter (83) in the Public, in the lowlands of the Challenge League. He looks in the Lipo-Park the game of Schaffhausen against the GC (1:1). It will be the first football game is live in a Swiss stadium, since he was suspended as Fifa President in 2015.

Blatter enjoys the bath in the crowd, posing for about 60 Selfies with Fans, and the whole of the Schaffhausen football prominence. At his side, the former GC-patron Heinz Scion (71) and Schaffhausen-President Roland Klein (59) are. However, a Person: Linda Gabrielian (55), and his 28 years younger girlfriend is missing. Not without reason: such As VIEWS of the learned, have separated Blatter and “Lady Linda,” as he called them.

Sepp Blatter confirmed the opposite VIEW and says: “We went friendship apart and have just got off the phone yet. I would describe it as a spatial separation.” Linda, who never lived with Blatter in Zurich, is now in Geneva for their two daughters. But Blatter hopes that everything will turn. “The hope dies last,” he says.

It is the end of a six – year Liaison

“Gigi” and “Linda” – it is the end of a six-year Liaison. In 2008, Lady Linda appears for the first time Blatter’s comments about page. Pictures of the woman show with Armenian roots and the then Fifa President, as they dance at a Gala for Blatter’s comments about Foundation omitted together.

she, the wife of the village king and real-estate entrepreneur Christian Barras (66) from Crans-Montana, VS. He, the then most powerful man in world football, fall 2013. And the Ballon d’or 2014 he shows you, then, for the first time to the Public, as she sits between him and football legend Pelé (78). After the arrests of Fifa officials and the lock of Blatter, it will be quiet around the Valais. Less Party invitations, less travel-intensive, less Glamour. And yet the relationship lasts a further four years. Until now.

Blatter says finally, the harmonic separation was important for him: “For I must honestly say: I’m fine, and I’m full of positive energy.” Even without the Lady Linda.

Blatter, and the women

Sepp Blatter has been married three Times. Only with the Zermatterin Liliane Biner, with whom he has his only daughter, Corinne (58, photo). She presented him with granddaughter Selena (19).

His second wife, Barbara Käser was called. She was the daughter of Helmut Käser, his predecessor as Fifa General Secretary. For ten years he was with the previous NZZ editor. After the divorce, they remained friends. 30. In June 1999, the shock: Barbara died shortly after her 52. Birthday following an Operation.

Three years later, he married Graziella Bianca: marriage in Sierre, VS on 23. December 2002. Sepp Blatter wants to get even in a Church, the Catholic Church denied but your blessing. So the Couple marries in front of a reformed pastor, Graziellas brother. Because the Fifa Boss is divorced, is Graziella for the Catholic Church, as a sinner. Blatter is energized, is considering leaving the Church. After a little more than a year, however, the marriage is at its end, on 10. In January 2004, the Couple officially its separation.

and Then he is 30 years younger Polish woman Ilona Boguska together. In 2008, they separate, and Ilona says later in the English “Daily Mail”, Blatter has always been down-to-earth: “Our typical night was to watch a movie, drink, eat cheese, and Cola. It was all very down-to-earth.” Starting in 2013, Blatter with Linda Gabrielian together – but this relationship was now broken.