It is bitter, if it’s an old story overshadowed a current relationship in such a way that it triggers a crisis. That you were so hurt, is bad, and it can hurt you still. It is sensible, however, if you want to transfer the responsibility for the consequences of this violation of your friend.

Your jealousy seems to have triggered in your relationship a lot of damage. It is not only the right but also the duty of your friend, if he differs in this respect. And that he does not have to grant you no more chances, if he wants to.

Take on the challenge and apart sit down with your injuries from the past, and, above all, with what you have today, for you are the consequences. Otherwise, you carry this burden from relationship to relationship. Recognize your patterns and your needs, so you accept them first and then can change. Don’t hesitate, in this process not to take more help if you are stuck or you generally feel overwhelmed.

you Should then want to still be your Ex, can you show him that you have developed. He is still obliged to nothing, but there was at least a real change, on the you could build, if you both want to.

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