Peter’s life begins his new book with a good message: The ancient bond between man and nature is still intact. A Band that proves that we are not a degenerate beings who can only survive with the help of modern technology in the long term. Our senses
work and in the forest you may find it particularly well. The blood pressure is normalized, and if we are in the vicinity of trees, the color calms Green us, the forest sharpens the senses, he teaches us to smell, hear, feel and see.

In his new work, “The secret bond between man and nature” that is in the book stores, the best-selling author on the track of the own senses. And deals with the possibilities to train them. Of course in the nature.

to Listen to a woodpecker in Knock. Or a crane in the trumpets. These noises are unusual in our tech world. But if you focus on them, they are suddenly back in the city Park come true.

probably the function of our senses is explained so that it is understood even a layman. Every sense he devotes a Chapter, and connects you with nature. Bird chirping for the ears, has green tried tones for the eyes, varying aromas for the nose and berries (or, how to live with it, branches of Douglas-fir) for the tongue. The sense of touch
you train by Feel of Moss or bark.

Our senses work so as is the case with our ancestors, even if our environment is, nowadays, rather from a Desk, a sofa and a Fast-Food Restaurant, as of forest or savanna.

not only the human senses in the book, but also nature itself. Peter explained the life of that plant touches exercise: Who is caressing, for example, a few minutes on the day of his tomato plants, ensure you grow so much in height, but a thicker shoot axis. And this is not esoteric, but to state a fact – that the “touch” by Wind, or by triggers of grazing animals of this phenomenon, reason for this is that the Wind can do to lower the amount less damage.