now, On to your front teeth to bite. This is what a single of these days, but it does a better job, ” says centre Sensoa. “Any kind of sex is discouraged,” said spokesperson Boris Cruyssaert of Radio 1 . “There are still many people with the new sti’s and the hospitals within it, and that it is a matter of concern.”

In the coronatijden it is advised to stay indoors and interact with people as much as possible. But what about singles who just sit and desire to be dating and having sex? “We have seen that dating sites like Tinder and Grindr to pay attention to the corona, and the users ‘ calls to be careful,” says Boris Cruyssaert of Sensoa on the Radio 1 . “And this is what it is. It is clear that, in these times, you need to keep away from each other. Using a computer and a smartphone, this makes perfect sense in real life, have to agree, it is, therefore, not an option. Luckily, we have noted, however, that a lot of people say that they go out for a drink, as soon as the storm is over.”

what is Striking is that there are still people in the hospital, with the new contracted sexually transmissible diseases. “It appears that doesn’t follow everyone else’s advice is on the right, a small group of people, even in hospitals with the newly contracted stds,” says Cruyssaert. “It is a matter of concern.”

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“It makes sense that having sex now is not a good idea,” said the Sensoa spokesperson. “Sex is always in close proximity, and the risk of transmission is always large. This is not the case that there are some techniques that are risk less to create than the others. Saliva is the main carrier, but the sex, without the saliva, which is a bit difficult for me. The risk of transmission is really great. Any kind of sex it is, therefore, not recommended.”

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