“Turkey’s honorary mayor in Wisconsin”, “seal skin kayak driver with octopus”, “deaf and half blind dog protected three-year-old”. Short messages in the category “animal things,” are one of my favorite media feed.

Recently, there was a pigeon that has hit the headlines – and for a memorable Moment in the recent Cycling history. The Swiss road bike rider Tom Bohli has never won a major race. At the Tour de Romandie, he stood last week on the verge of, 71 hundredths were missing in the first place. The victory, in all likelihood, cost him a dove, the stand, of all places, in a curve in the path.

Home sweet home

go to The people on the nerves, the pigeons, without a doubt. But it would be a little unfair, the feral breeding to reduce bird on it. Admire, we should assets the pigeons for their sense of direction – or as the research puts it more complicated: your home determination. Because even in the floor of an empty state, we are not capable of what pigeons are capable of (some people not even then, if you have a Smartphone at Hand): from an unknown, to find a place that is far away back home.

Domesticated rock doves, the ancestors of our house pigeon, very early on, first as a source of Meat and sacrificial animals. Already before our era the ancient Egyptians and Persians all discovered the homecoming instinct and used first messenger pigeons. Until well into the 20th century. Century, pigeons were used for communication.

a letter received a pigeon named G. I. Joe a medal for bravery in the Second world war. You saved life in the year of 1943, more than 1000 people, because they prevented the allies from bombing an already liberated city in Italy.

Intelligent? Well

But how to find pigeons always return home? Entirely this question is not clarified yet. There are the following attempts at explanation: you use the earth’s magnetic field for orientation. They remember visual landmarks, for example Church towers. And they use their sense of smell.

pigeons Are so intelligent birds? Well, intelligence is relative. After all, you can well at least one thing. And they are not learning the sport perhaps not so dissimilar.

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens.