the weakening of the regime through the week counting restaurateurs, barbers and fitness trainers.

the Metropolitan beauty salons and summer terraces of restaurants are actively preparing for the opening next week. Salons are already an entry in June 14-15, and restaurants mount of the summer veranda in the hope that the old mayor decree № 280-PP dated March 31, will remain in force. Recently mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised in the beginning of next week to adopt “more radical solutions” for the removal of restrictive measures. And in the Moscow city Duma, “Izvestiya” reported that the mayor’s office discussed the cancellation of June 14, the digital passes for most Muscovites. However, neither the restaurant owners nor the representatives of the beauty industry is still not convinced that in a week they will get the green light to work.

the Moscow network of salons “City of beauty”, “Barber”, “sun master” and many others are registering clients on 15 June, and barbershop Topgun expect to see the first customers on June 14.

— the beauty from the 15th of June or even at the end of this week. It will take several days to prepare the rooms with all sanitary requirements, — told “Izvestia” CEO of the medical center Podiatry and osteopathy Tatyana Krasyuk.

While part of the sellers went to work in presentable form, and some had to go to the suburbs to get a haircut and a manicure. Some simply called masters of the house, which, incidentally, is a violation of the current regime.

However, some market participants are sure that the entry for June 15 — nothing more than a hope for the easing mode.

In the Moscow region salons opened June 3, in the Leningrad region in may. Many customers hope that if the saloons were opened in the neighbouring region, and in Moscow will soon be as well — said the head of Association of the enterprises of beauty industry Julia Gotsulyak.

Sport clubs in Moscow are also ready to work, and can be opened at the end of the month, have informed “news” in Association of operators the fitness industry.

— we expect the opening of the fitness clubs in the third stage of restrictions. If, in the past, given the rhetoric of the authorities, we focused on July, now began to hope that we would be allowed to work at the end of June, — said the President of the Association of operators fitness-industry, the founder and Director of the network fitness clubs World Gym in Russia Olga Kiseleva.

About the same situation in the restaurant business — summer veranda preparing to the opening and also from June 15. It is prescribed by decree No. 280-PP of the Moscow government dated 31 March. Installation structures were allowed to start on June 1, however, the representatives of this market doubt that the date is still relevant.

— This Ordinance is already old. Many restaurants assume that the timing of the opening of summer terraces will take, — has shared with “Izvestiya” Vice President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia, owner of a chain of restaurants “Meat&Fish” Sergey Mironov.

— as Expected, you can open up in July. But this is still speculation. Worst case scenario — to fall. I don’t think it’s right. In the restaurants of the giant air, they were built with smoke from the kitchen and Smoking — the sky, the air instantly. The probability of infection is then minimal, — says Sergey Mironov.

the President of Corporation “Rostik Groups”, member of General Council of “Business Russia” Rostislav Ordovsky-tanaevskoy Blanco also hopes that the restaurants can open in early July, and a summer terrace — in a week or two.

In the coming weeks, may resume small concerts and parties of up to 50 people, confident in the National Association of event organisers (NAOM).

— this is indicated by several factors. first, the President announced that the action “Immortal regiment” will be held in mid-July. Logically, this time will start a mass event, because the procession has to do with this type. In addition, it was decided to hold a book festival “Red square”. If the rest of the event will remain banned, you’ll have double standards, — said the Executive Director of the Association of event organisers Julia Jole.

According to her, private events up to 50 people, many organizers have started already, although officially they are still not allowed.

Brands have suspended the festival for a month and a half before the official mode of self-isolation. Their precautions are much more serious than officially declared — said Julia Jole.

In late may, the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova said that in September, can resume operation theatres. Sources at several institutions confirmed the “news” these terms and told that rehearsals will begin in July.

— At the Bolshoi theater all hope that will be released in September as usual. But no one is repertoire. The troupe “Novaya Opera” in August to begin rehearsals, said the invited soloist of the Bolshoi theatre (the name left unknown).

At the Moscow academic musical theatre. K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko rehearsals will begin in July, told “Izvestia” one of the ballet dancers. According to his information, the season will begin in September.

as of the temples, in the next month further removal of restrictive measures can n�� to wait, said the rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at Moscow state University, Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky.

In his view, objects of worship will resume full operation simultaneously with the return of the entertainment industry. Now the parishioners can go to the temple in the mask subject to the distance of four meters. According to the observations of “Izvestia”, June 7 at Trinity due of these measures, some of the faithful had long to wait on the sidewalk, which, of course, gave people a festive mood.

meanwhile, the Moscow authorities are discussing the possibility of cancellation of digital badges from 14 June. It is assumed that the restrictions on movement around the city and “social monitoring” will remain only for cases of coronavirus and those who were in contact with them. This proposal came to city Council from the city government, told “Izvestia” a member of the Commission on health and public health of the Moscow city Duma Sergei Savostyanov.

Gradually, roughly from 14 June, with observance of all sanitary norms can be opened hairdressers and cafes, repealed schedule of walking, he added.

In the capital, according to the decree of the Moscow mayor on may 27, June 1, allowed to walk and play sports. To do this, parks have been opened, started shopping malls, and on 25 may the receiving population are MFC.

Judging by the opening of the shopping center, Moscow launched the second phase of the lifting of restrictions recommended by Rospotrebnadzor. We will remind, according to the instructions of the Department issued on 8 may, the withdrawal of measures should take place in three stages.

shall First walking and playing sports in the street, small objects, non-food trade and services. In the second stage can operate stores larger, private educational organization. Thus, the restrictions imposed on the maximum number of persons that can simultaneously be in the salesroom.

the third — resumes trade and services no limit on the number of concurrent visitors and the area open the object of public catering enterprises, hotels, educational establishments without exception.

heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation may independently determine the list of specific measures to contain the epidemic.