The economy, Ceo Dave Calhoun, the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the chairman is Larry Kellner, the Board of Directors for the remainder of the year and have no wages to receive. Also, the company on Friday has decided to until further notice, no further dividend will be paid.

Calhoun took over in January, but the leadership of the beleaguered company. According to the zakenwebsite the international monetary Fund, he is entitled to an annual salary of nearly $ 11 million (9 million euro) and 17 million dollars (14 million euros) in bonuses. Sarah lancaster, who Expected him as the chairman of the board, last year, close to 400,000 us dollars (around 340.000 euros) in salary and shares.

The aircraft must pull out all the stops to make the coronacrisis to cope with. Globally, airline flights cancelled and aircraft on the ground. The airline industry is suffering huge losses due to the appearance of the new corona virus. Boeing has already had to have $ 60 billion (50 billion euros) in aid from the U.s. government asked the company and many others.

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Boeing is serious because it is one of the most popular aircraft the Boeing 737 MAX is already a year on the ground, and, after two deadly crashes in Indonesia, and Ethiopia, with a total of 346 people were killed.Several airlines have in their contracts for the new aircraft, cancelled or scaled back.

from Last year to ditch Boeing for the first time in more than two decades in a calendar year with a loss. The company suffered a net loss of $ 1 billion, while a year earlier, a gain of more than $ 3.4 billion, was accounted for. Boeing has estimated the total cost of the ground, the 737 MAX, at the beginning of this year, to $ 18.6 billion.