The investigative Committee (SK) Russia is looking for journalists at the request of Senator Elena Mizulina. It is reported by telegram-channel “Base”.

In January, as reported by “the Rambler”, a number of media have written about Mizulina residence permit in Belgium. The Senator called this information is simply ridiculous, given the patriotism of its position and stay for this reason in the sanctions list.

In this regard, she lodged in the bodies of internal Affairs the statement for slander. Today it became known that the UK is currently looking for authors of the publication “Express Gazeta” and anonymous telegram-channel “Nebogina” in which publications have appeared about the presence of Mizulina Belgian residence permit.

Earlier in the citizenship of Italy was charged with journalist Vladimir Solovyov. It made a certain father Sergius, who created a petition to ban Solovyov news political shows and take away his Italian citizenship. The presenter has denied information about the presence of a second citizenship and said that Serge has lost his mind.