Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided to withdraw from the presidential race in the United States

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the Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren will stop fighting for the presidential nomination of the U.S. Democratic party, The New York Times reported, citing an informed source.

Warren will Officially announce it on March 5. The decision of the Senator to do with her failures in the primaries and Democrats in the debate, the newspaper said. In October 2019, the Warren enjoyed considerable popularity, which was lost by December, says Meduza.

However, in U.S. history, Warren was the second most popular female politician, giving the number who voted for delegates only, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate in the presidential elections of 2016. Warren had support among people with progressive views. She tried to get sympathy from women, particularly women from black and Latino groups.

according to The Guardian, previously on the results of “super Tuesday” on March 3, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden has received 595 votes of the delegates, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders – 528 votes, Elizabeth Warren – 65 votes. She failed to get into a deuce of leaders in one of the 14 States, including in his native Massachusetts, writes, “Voice of America”.

the President of the United States Donald trump mockingly said about Elizabeth Warren in connection with its political failures. He called it one of the main “losers” and advised “have a drink with my husband and a nice cold beer.” Trump disparagingly calls Senator Pocahontas (the name of the daughter of an Indian chief who lived in the XVII century), because it is a long time trying to prove that one of her ancestors was of native American tribe, the Cherokee. In 2018 Warren published the results of a DNA test, which showed that among her distant ancestors were indeed native Americans. This, however, provoked criticism even among the Cherokee tribe.

the Former new York mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg out of the presidential race on March 4. He announced his support of Biden.

on the Eve of “super Tuesday” of the race came the ex-mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhich, the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar and former member of the house of representatives from Texas, Beto O’rourke. They also urged supporters to support Biden.

the intra-party voting in the United States will last until 6 June. Then there will be a national conference where delegates will elect a candidate from the party. The United States presidential election will be held in November 2020.