For the second time in under a day is a package of over 1000 billion to the american economy voted down.

the Senate of the UNITED states has not managed to reach an agreement on a large aid package to help the american economy.

This writes the news agency Reuters.

this is The second time in under a day, to the aid package of over 1000 billion dollar not being voted through the

The large sum of money to help keep the american economy afloat during the coronakrisen.

the Senators have been otherwise expressed, that an agreement is close, writes the news agency AFP. And although the pressure on the politicians to get a support package in place is large, it is not yet succeeded.

It is the democrats who have voted no to the package. The democrats believe that there is not enough help for the working people in the Republican proposal.

This fall, the proposal to use the 60 votes in the Senate to go through.

It is expected that the package among other things, to support the ordinary citizens, small companies and especially hit sectors.

the Objection of the Democrats have, among other things sounded, that the aid package will benefit businesses than citizens, hospitals and the länder.

Governors in a large number of länder have sent what amounts to a third of the population in the country home and put a stop to large parts of the business.

This applies to among others the state of New York, that are particularly hard hit by the coronavirus. The u.s. military, for example, send a field hospital to New York to help deal with the crisis.

on Sunday warned Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, to the hospitals likely to be heavily congested due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

the State of New York has over 15,000 corona-smittetilfælde and 98 recorded deaths.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which follows coronaudbruddet close, is over 40,000 people confirmed infected in the UNITED states.