three days Ago it was announced that Sylvie Meis (41) is no longer allowed to moderate the Semper Opera ball. In an Interview with “Bild” called the Opera ball Chairman Hans-Joachim Frey (54) a scandalous reason for this: “We were with Sylvie Meis as a presenter actually, very satisfied. But she has worn this year, so low-cut dresses, that was for our conservative clientele freely. There was a lot of criticism.”

Now the organizers are back rowing and publish on Instagram a further Statement. Therein, accordingly, they were previously known rejection reason. “No, not in love with Sylvie, your dress is the reason that Roland Kaiser the next time Semper Opera ball will have a different partner at his side.”

you, many guests, spectators and Roland would like her dress very well, my the organizers. Further you say: “But as you know, run to the Semper Opera ball is always a Student and a ball of seasoned presenter or a presenter through the evening. Finally, you were the one. You have presented the Ball twice and perfectly. Now Roland does and is excited to see who he’s on 7. February in the magical world of the Semper Opera ball is allowed to introduce, and whether your choice of dress can keep up with yours.”

a Statement of Sylvie Meis

Sylvie Meis self not for the sudden 180-degree turn, the organizers expressed itself yet. To the first justification, you said a few days ago to “image”, “My neck may have been deep, but he didn’t look as deep as the Argument to no longer engage me as a presenter.”

On the side of Guido Maria Kretschmer (54) had moderated in 2018 for the first time the Opera ball. This year, she was allowed to take on this task on the side of Roland Kaiser (67). (bsn)