Monday was the second day of my Mission, to feed me for five days, vegan. It was also the first day in their daily work. In the Morning I got me a orange juice, and for lunch I once again went to the Tibits Take-away. There, I grabbed spelt risotto with black salsify, Rösti, Samosas (Indian dumplings) and Hummus. Tasted good, but I had a whole 16.80 francs. Since dawned on me that this would probably be an expensive week.

For dinner, I made myself a Bircher muesli. For this, I used soy-strawberry-yogurt, fruit, and oatmeal. Admittedly, the soy-yogurt tasted like a normal yogurt. What struck me, however: Until now, I had benefited especially from the meat-Alternatives, Avocado and soy. That was not bad for the environment, because these two foods need a lot of Land and energy?

soy is mainly used as cattle feed

I started to research and found: soy, the cereals, the crop is growing the fastest. In recent years, therefore, all the rain forests were cut down, and acres of grass land use, in order to stimulate production and to increase.

The main point here is: it is Not the consumption of soy milk or Tofu by people is to blame for it. According to the WWF, about 80 per cent of imported soya used worldwide as animal feed. Due to population growth and rising meat demand, it is expected that soy production will increase in the future.

22 million hectares for soybean production

Of the deforestation is mainly affected South America: In Brazil, are needed according to the WWF, today, about 22 million hectares for soybean production. This area was formerly valuable habitat. A Eigengoal of the people, after all, a healthy rain forest is one of the most effective CO2-lowering drugs, there is.

However, the average meat consumption is on the rise. In the cut is today eaten per man is about a kilogram of meat per week. A Kilo of poultry meat, is almost a Kilo of soy together with other feed. It is not Vegans and vegetarians, but meat-eaters, all of which are driving the deforestation of the rain forest ahead.

soy is a good meat Alternative

in order To mother nature, it is worth to eat less meat and dairy products. This is because, with the waiver of the animal economy, greenhouse gases can be saved. An example of this is methane produced in the stomachs of cows. It is 23 times more harmful than CO2. Therefore, only the meat is not environmentally unfriendly, but also a variety of dairy products.

My conclusion of day two: The tried soy Alternatives tasted not bad and pretty similar to regular milk products. However, I must begin to be careful with money.

the Vegan diet also protects the climate. So it is in many studies. VIEW-editor Lara Zehnder feeds for five days without animal products. You can read about the insights she gained on the first day of your experiment.

dear Community, have you tried a vegan diet, or you eat is already vegan? Please write us your opinion on the topic in the comment column or by Mail to

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