A self-presentation, you learn neither at school, nor to do it in everyday life. No wonder, then, that one device during the interview for the first time in a panic, and often trash talk. With simple tips, the fear is, however, a Conviction and the cancellation of a commitment.

in Most cases, job interviews to go off at a tangent pattern: Who you are, what you can and what you want? These are the questions you should be able to, therefore, in the Nu answer. Pay attention to the following points.

you Do not have a repeat of the life cycle

at the beginning of the prompt, usually: “can you Tell us a little about yourself.” But be careful not to repeat the chronological sequence of your career, because this is the conversation partner already knows from your resume. Rather, you should make a summary of your current activity and briefly explain why you have for the particular career chosen.

it is also Important to the formative experiences that you have experienced. This can be projects or skills for potential employers interesting and useful. So you can justify why you are applying for this position.

Show your

you Can Take a position to the requirements of the company. They show to what extent your qualifications with the requirements of the company and why you are suitable. To do this, you can use examples from your former professional life or extraordinary achievements and diplomas tell. You do, however, always be a short note where and why the skills acquired.

in Addition, here is the best time to be on Strengths and weaknesses. You have learned in the current work, to be patient? Perfect! Or, you may have noticed that in stressful situations bother? You say it is, because you can prove honesty and self-criticism.

Be objective

an important question: What do you want? Explain your career goals. This may be desired positions, or the implementation of their own ideas and strategies within the company. Be careful with crushes: The potential Boss may think that you don’t want to stay long in the company and on the professional journey.

you about career opportunities within the company

Be Informed about the employment at the company in the Clear. Please inform yourself in advance about the company and impress you with phrases like: “I would Like to educate me further, and later, a higher employment track. Appealing I find, for example, the cadre Department in your accounting.”

for you to Formulate positive statements

While the self-presentation, you should also have a positive and established impression. Therefore, avoid negative formulations, and do not tell promoted instead of the “I” of “I was for the following tasks responsible”. If you make previous employer is a bad one, the arrogant, unprofessional, and complicated. In addition, the Interviewer wants to know whether you are going on about the last Boss, and it is, therefore, one day, maybe over do it.

The last minutes before the Job Interview to make the heart beat faster. Therefore, you should make one last Check: What must be briefly before the interview?