on Wednesday 29 July the Executive Committee of the onf held a round table on the prospects of self-employed people. Invited speakers discussed a number of important issues, including problems of the self-employed access to Bank loans and infrastructure support for small and medium businesses.

Deputy Director of Department of investment policy and entrepreneurship development Ministry of economic development Andrey Tarakanov during his speech said that the infrastructure of support of subjects of small and average business will begin to act for self employed this fall. Appropriate changes were made to the Federal law about business development (209-FZ). According to the law, the self-employed will be able to obtain financial, property, consulting and educational support.

Cockroaches noted that only 10% of self-employed have the status of individual entrepreneurs: “the Other 90% are individuals without any status, which operate and pay tax on professional income without registering as an individual entrepreneur”. It is known that the most popular mode uses self-employed drivers, builders and landlords of apartments.

Director of government relations “Yandex.Taxi” Anton Petrakov noted that today, thanks to the partnership of the service with the on mode, the self-employed have managed to create a friendly and comfortable ecosystem. Implemented services such as automatic generation of checks and a daily transfer to the card drivers or couriers earned money.

Petrakov stressed that the regime of self-employed continues to improve: “we have a good platform from which to tax regime developed throughout the country. We are not only going to provide the self-employed of all the technological facilities, but also try to address urgent issues”.

To date, Yandex.Taxi develop a mechanism of proof of income of self-employed in banks, to receive access to credit on favorable terms. In early August, in collaboration with a number of Russian banks, the service will start a program to support leasing of vehicles. “We will ensure the banks income self-employed. This program will be available to self-employed car leasing market interest rates and a comfortable down payment. It may be a good help including for the automotive industry,” — said Petrakov.

At the end of the meeting the first Vice-President of all-Russian public organization of small and average business “Support of Russia” Azat Gazizov urged public authorities to support a good cause.

the self-employed Regime was introduced on 1 January 2019 in four drankotnih regions: Moscow, Moscow oblast, Tatarstan, and Kaluga. From 1 July 2020 this tax form is available throughout the country. Today in Russia registered more than 850,000 self-employed with total income of more than 110 billion rubles.

the Tax regime establishes the following rules: citizens, providing services without hiring employees, to deduct in the budget of 4% of income when working with individuals and 6% in cooperation with legal entities. The main goal of the program is to bring out of the shadows of people engaged in grey or illegal businesses on the most favorable conditions for them.

Recall that in late may, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin issued a decree according to which the self-employed citizens will be back paid for the 2019 tax as business support for the period of the pandemic.