Self-employed became available tax auto payment

In the new version of the app for iOS and Android, you can set auto payments to assessed tax for payment automatically debited from a linked Bank card. You can now view payment history. Right from the app you can now chat with tech support. Also, the developers at the request of users have perfected a directory of activities: instead of a long list now convenient menu categories. For instance, when you click on menu “Home” displays the list of jobs: cook, driver, tutor, interpreter.

Photo: iStock In the app “My tax” has attracted more than 465 thousand were self-employed

One of the next updates of the app will make available the possibility of contributions contributions to the Pension Fund. Self-employed citizens pay tax at a rate of 4 percent, if you provide services to other citizens and at the rate of 6 per cent, if you work with individual entrepreneurs and companies. These rates included contributions to the mandatory medical insurance system. Contributions to the Pension Fund self-employed to deduct on a voluntary basis. To simplify this task, the app “My tax” “sew” such a function.

self-employed in the experiment for payment of tax on professional income are considered to be citizens who work for yourself, create a product or service independently, without intermediaries, and whose income does not exceed 2.4 million rubles a year. Now the experiment is in 23 regions.