the feelings do not have to be for my girlfriend well enough. She had much more sexual partners than I have, and I’m afraid that you have again a other addiction, although she says that she loves me. She also says that she has only seen me have an orgasm, and I’ve heard from other women that I’m good in bed. But I can’t believe it. Are entitled to my doubts? She is lying? Or I have this tremendous happiness, and it’s really true? Jérôme

The voice of your self doubt will always have the last word, if you change your relationship to her. No statement will change your girlfriend a little and no confirmation from me. Because positive Feedback can only be good for, if they’ll let it and him inside the room. Currently, this space is dominated, but all of these ugly inner voice.

Off you can print this, unfortunately, is not by pressing a button. You can only change the way you listen to your. Can accept that it is there to believe your every word, or to repeat your statements again and again. You can face up to your Strengths, i.e. things to list that are great at one, and especially it can create many positive experiences. So you can learn to feel happiness without it all in perspective mentally, immediately.

don’t make the sexuality of you and your girlfriend to go to a competition, and the orgasms or the number of lovers. Create your own universe full of experiences. Gives you sensations. Speak about dreams. Check out what you wonder. And if your self-doubt comment on these things are ugly, then tell you that this voice is not right, just because you talk the reflex of the three.

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