The idea is laudable: Selecta sold in a part of your vending machines on railway Apples farms. Fruit instead of just potato Chips and sweets. The pleased parents and nutritionist.

environmentalists run, however, the storm against the healthy Snack. Because: The Apple is individually wrapped in a large Platikbox, such as the “St. Galler Tagblatt”. Rather clumsy at times, where more and more people are trying to reduce environmental reasons, your plastic consumption.

packing requirement

the Shitstorm in social media. The basic tenor: such A package is no longer in the present time feasible. Why not sell Selecta grabs the Apples just?

A type of packaging for reasons of hygiene regulations, it is called Selecta. “We are constantly testing alternative packaging,” says a spokeswoman. Up until now, you’ve found but unfortunately no optimal replacement.

box is not working

in order for it To come to malfunctions in the machines, should have the packaging of a universal Form. Selecta have already tested variants made of cardboard, which would technically work but, writes the “St. Galler Tagblatt”. (pbe)