On Wednesday VIEW of the “FC reported as Unemployed”, a fictional Eleven of the club’s players. Two of these persons are landed in Schaffhausen: How Ex-FCZ – St. Gallen defender Philippe Koch (28) holds also Ex-YB-Star Sekou Sanogo (30) Challenge League club fit.

at The back post training a guest at a club whose annual budget is not even half of his saudi Arabian 8 million transfer fee! He runs to Schaffhausen in the League, is unthinkable. For Trainer Murat Yakin, he is still a stroke of luck: “It’s great that my boys can see what a professional on his level. His discipline in what he’s doing before and after the Training is exemplary.”

thanks to coach Yakin

The Ex-YB-Star had disbanded in September his contract at Al-Ittihad, apparently his salary was not paid.

it is Clear that immediately, the Basel, YB, FCZ, and Sion for the midfield-a busboy who is interested. But because the Ivorians will be until after the summer transfer period unemployed, he may switch again in the Winter. That is why he is parked now in Schaffhausen, where, with Yakin to be Ex-Trainer from the tuna-times works.

“He was 2011, the only coach who gave me the Chance to play in Europe, football. He saved me from the civil war, and for that I will be eternally grateful to him,” said Sanogo, who currently have no big Interviews, in a FCS-Newsletter. At that time, around 3000 people in the ivory coast due to political unrest claimed the lives of. Sanogo switches to Thun, then he makes in the Super League career.

The Ivorian likes his role as a “Free-Motivator” for the young Team: “It suits me very well in Schaffhausen. The infrastructure is excellent, in addition, the FCS has a really great bunch, I feel very well.” Yakin: “He’s welcome to stay as long with us as he wants!”