A game under the open sky – and who wants to miss, in spite of minus 16 degrees?

In Samedan Stars such as Mathias Seger, Reto Von Arx, national team Coach Patrick Fischer, U20 coach Christian Wohlwend, Mattia Baldi or Nati-Director Raeto Raffainer (and not to forget ex-ZSC-Captain Claudio Micheli) against a selection of 3 occur on Saturday, Ex -. -League-players from the Engadin.

Seger: How ergings the ZSC?

The Motto? The Engadin to give something back to organizer Dan Pita must be satisfied. The favorites to win, 8:7 after penalty shoot-out.

Mathias Seger after the game on the phone to the freezing temperatures: “The cold you can hardly feel when you walk as much as I do…” Then the ZSC icon want to know how it turned out in the indoor stadium and breathe a sigh of relief, satisfied, when he hears the customer from the atmospheric 4:1.