The death of the boys (†8), the came the last Monday in Frankfurt’s main train station killed, moved to Germany. The offender, Habte A.* (40), comes from Switzerland, and now calls the German interior Minister Horst Seehofer (70) on the Plan. In an Interview with the news magazine “der Spiegel” announced that CSU-politicians, to strengthen the border controls with Switzerland. “I’m going to do everything in the ways of intelligent controls to the limit,” says Seehofer.

A concrete concept wants to introduce Seehofer in September. What is clear is that he was the uncontrolled Entries – 2018 it wants to be in the whole of Germany, 43’000 – a push latch. As concrete measures, the German Minister of the interior, proposes “an extended veil of intelligence and event-related, time-limited controls, directly at the border” – “also on the border to Switzerland”.

“Seehofer twisted reality”

In Switzerland, they reacted indignantly. “If Switzerland for the German domestic security, should now be responsible Mr Seehofer twisted reality”, says SVP-migration-politician Heinz Brand (63).

although the SVP for years, even stricter border controls calls. Brand recalls in this context Anis Amri (28), the Christmas bomber from Berlin, who had traveled prior to his murder, 2016 through half of Europe. “In the case, Habte A., but stricter border would have used checks for anything,” the Bündner Nationalrat.

The Eritreans has a permanent residence permit and can move freely throughout the Schengen area. Seehofer producer lights so once more, and uses the tragic death of a political dream he has had for a long time: more border security. In the Knowledge that it would probably bring little.

symbol of politics without real Changes

“This is pure symbolic politics of Mr Seehofer,” says national councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (55, CVP). In the same vein FDP national councillor Kurt Fluri (63) skin. “This is more intimate a internal political Signal, without actual effects”, the Solothurn – free.

Also SP-national councillor Martin Naef (48) indicates that Seehofer’s plans would not bring about any Amendment to the border security. The veil wanted belong today to the everyday – to prevent in Switzerland, as in Germany, precisely for the purpose of cross-border crime. Nevertheless, he says: “I understand that Horst Seehofer fact, as a reaction this bad to improve the veil manhunt.”

work well together

further, the traditional Ausserrhoden is councillor Andrea Caroni (39): He welcomes the fact that Seehofer wants “to use the German resources for the border guard more efficient”. The FDP politician is turning the tables even: “I am happy about any arrest of a criminal. This also increases the safety in Switzerland.”

However, Seehofer can initiate all the measures announced now without any major adjustments to legislation. And on the Swiss-German border, they are already a reality. “We perform daily joint inspections and cross-border operations, have two common operational service in Basel and Konstanz/Kreuzlingen”, says David Marquis of the Swiss Federal customs administration for the cooperation of the Swiss border guards and the German Federal police. The vague control of the ideas of Seehofer does not want to comment on Marquis.

the sound Is now harsh?

Remains the question of manners. Seehofer’s attack is not the first Affront against Switzerland. Even before him, German politicians worked to the Confederation. The reactions are each geharnischt (see Box). The Seehofer-verbal attack, however, comes at a delicate time – Germany is the new European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (60) set the tone for the resin-negotiations on the framework agreement.

a further deterioration in bilateral relations due to Seehofer now? No, says Schneider-Schneiter, President of the foreign policy Commission. “The negotiations about a framework agreement with the EU, this Statement has no effect.”


Ten years ago, that a German brought the Swiss blood boil: After Switzerland abandoned its Bank secrecy, mocked the then German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück (72) in 2009, quite blatantly: “You have to let the cavalry do not always go for a ride. The Indians just need to know that there is the cavalry.” He alluded to the fact that you had threatened the Confederation with a black list of tax havens and Switzerland had been folded then inserted.

The ugly tax dispute, which impacted the relationship of the neighbors is difficult, it was Steinbrück itself is not innocent: As the Minister of Finance of the largest of the German Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, he had let in the years 2006 and 2007 stolen Bank data from Switzerland buy. And also made with this pressure on the Confederation.

Even the Federal Council step, a

For his verbal attack earned Steinbrück an Outcry of indignation, and intense anti-triggered German feelings. A few months ago, when he announced the same conflict to the German black money in Swiss banks “sugar bread and whip”.

That didn’t have diplomatic consequences: The then Swiss Minister, Micheline Calmy outer-Rey (74) ordered the German Ambassador and concealed phrases your anger not for one second behind diplomatic: she was surprised “surprised and especially disappointed with this tone of voice”. Sermîn Faki