the Ex-soloist of pop group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova said followers in Instagram for the question as to what weight she feels comfortable, and published stylish black-and-white photo.

the picture shows the 37-year-old celebrity standing, relaxed, leaning on the wall, in a black bustier push-up to accentuate her delicious forms. At the same time on the hips, a native of Ukraine barely holding jeans, and you can see the eye-catching a six-pack abdominals.

In the publication, the actress admitted that weight a long time does not affect her feelings. “I’ve seen so many poor thin women, that know not this happiness. I like me and so, and plus ten. It all depends on the jeans that I want to get involved”, signed Anna photo Stories.

the Singer has told, that adheres to the so-called interval fasting: refusing to take food for twenty hours and then eat in the allotted four hours.

She explained that to maintain good physical shape is Jogging and doing exercises like “plank” and “vacuum.” Besides, Sedokova advised to include in the diet of vitamin complexes. Anna noted that weighs 65 kg at growth of 172 cm, and plans to lose another 5 kg.

the Singer gave birth to two daughters and a son from different marriages. In addition to a pop career, Sedokova also played in several films.