Moscow Union of taxi drivers have calculated how much monthly drivers complete protection from coronavirus. For disinfection of vehicle and purchase of PPE taxi drivers spend an average of 7 thousand roubles a month. At the same time during a pandemic, and quarantine the earnings of cab drivers has fallen dramatically behind demand. In addition, taxi drivers have to check their e-pass customers and not all of them are available. Losing passengers, many taxi drivers began to deliver parcels – delivery service is a major aggregators taxi. Some aggregators help and disinfection machines. About how taxis operate during a pandemic – in our material.

According to the head of the Moscow Union of taxi drivers Nicholas had, when working 8-10 hours 20 days a month to mask out 3 thousand rubles, gloves – 800 rubles, disinfectant wipes for surface treatment cost 3.5 thousand rubles per month. In addition to these amounts, the taxi drivers have to buy an antiseptic for hand and install partitions between the passenger and driver seat. This wall costs about 2,5 – 2,8 thousand roubles.

According to had, the total taxi drivers in Moscow and Moscow region will spend disinfection of the salons and the security measures around 1 billion rubles per month. Impressive monthly expenses for disinfection are borne by the taxi drivers an additional burden, says the head of the Union. According to him, the demand for travel fell by 60-80%, which means that the income of taxi drivers is also greatly reduced.

According to the analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation, the volume of the taxi market in 2019 amounted to 709 billion rubles. The taxi drivers were paid 43 billion rubles in taxes. The less their profit, the less taxes will go to the budget this year. Analysts estimate that the average income of taxi drivers in Moscow and St. Petersburg last year was 83 thousand rubles. In cities with population from 500 thousand to 1 million people last year, this figure was much lower, at around 52 thousand rubles. And taxi drivers in settlements with population from 100 thousand people received even less – about 27 thousand rubles. In the current circumstances it is hardly possible to expect to maintain such income, while the cost of rent and maintenance of vehicles has not been canceled. Rising gasoline prices also exacerbate the situation. Meanwhile, spending on disinfection and protection during a pandemic, all about the same: the taxi drivers in small towns it takes a quarter of revenue.

“the State does not provide taxi drivers none of the above”, – says head of the Kodolov. In the Union believe that the government should help the drivers in the acquisition of means of disinfection and protection.

the head of the organization noted that the individual means of protection handed out to some drivers aggregators and large taxi companies.

As previously reported, major aggregators to arrange for their partners paragraphs disinfection of vehicles, and provides drivers with a means of protection. For Example, Yandex.Cab organized a special centers for drivers aggregator operate in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Omsk, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. And the company “Citymobil” purchased antiseptics and masks for their drivers.