Security forces beat a resident of Dagestan to rupture of the spleen due to complaints of illegal construction

a Resident of the Dagestani city of Derbent Temirkhan of Umahanov said that after being beaten by security officials he had a ruptured spleen, which had to be removed. The story Umakhanova lead the “Caucasian knot and Caucasus.Realities”.

According to Umakhanov in 2015 in their yard began the construction of a multistory building, which is opposed by local residents. We are talking about the house 15 along the street 345th Dagestan infantry division. They wrote a collective letter to the Supervisory and law enforcement agencies, but construction, no one stopped, despite the fact that it was illegal. 3 APR 2016 of Umakhanov called the police to force the workers to stop construction, but the call no one came. However, on the same day at eleven o’clock in the morning to him in the apartment, broke down the door, rushed two police officers, one stayed in the entrance.

“the Two officers broke down the door and entered the apartment. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw that on the threshold lay my sick wife. I ran to her to help her up. Staff began to Express outrage . I took the wife into the room, and [he] went behind me and hit me several times with a Taser,” says Umahanov. Another police officer began to choke Umakhanova and received from him a knee strike to the groin.

and then one of the policemen pulled out a gun and shot twice into the wall above the bed wife Umakhanova. The third bullet hit the laptop. At this time of Umakhanov called an ambulance, which the security forces went. Because of the incident his wife and son moved to another region, and Amakhanov wrote a letter to the security forces. During the test, according to his statement the man pressured.

In particular, in March of 2018 came to his home by police under the pretext that he was “provoked a scandal in the family”. He was taken to the police Department without shoes and outerwear. “In the police car, according to him, hit him hard in the stomach by one of the employees provokemedium bodies, and then the beating continued in the building Department. Hit him three or four people, and if that night didn’t help one of the neighbors, Vadim Amiralaev, Umakhanov fears that it could just that night beaten to death”, writes the “Caucasian knot”.

Amiralaev confirmed to the publication that he saw as his neighbor was taken away by police, and then found him beaten at the police Department: “He was severely beaten, held his stomach and called for help. No it did not help. It was taken just outside the door of the building and left on the street.” Emerged stresses that the security forces tried to persuade him not to testify, but he refused.

as a result, three years later, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on abuse of power (article 286 of the criminal code), but not before it took out the bounce. The “Caucasian knot” quoted the negative resolution March 28, 2019, which States that Umakhanov during the visit, the security forces behaved in a “violent and aggressive,” threatened police. Security forces used arms to calm him down. At the same time against Umakhanov is not filed “because of insufficient grounds to hold [him] criminally responsible for the attack on the employee of law enforcement body”.

Examination confirmed that damage to Amakhanov received when he was inside the police Department. However, the investigation of the incident was suspended for “failure to identify the persons subject to attraction as accused”. This case is also resumed, but, according to Umakhanov, the investigation wants to identify the perpetrators, although he calls the names of those who beat him. All this time, as told by Umahanov, his attempt to intimidate in order to not interfere with closing the case.

the Suspects in the case about abuse of authority no. In this case the police, says Umakhanov, at his own expense he repaired the laptop and installed the door. During all this time in Umakhanova, he said, constantly had abecause of pressure due to his complaints, at night, unknown knocking at the door. There have been attempts to convey to him through the son a sum of money, to not interfere with closing the case. In the middle of last year in the stairwell of his home waiting for two young guys.

“One of them asked me how long am I going to complain. And showed me on a piece of rebar that was lying in the corner. Said she was meant for me. I turned around and said that they came to me. Apparently fearing that I might be armed, they ran away, but threatened me yet in the end”, – he told.

the Circumstances of this Umakhanov described in the statement of the Prosecutor of Derbent, and added that he is not afraid of threats and wants “in life to see that the outlaws will be punished.” In response to this statement, he received a reply that the identity of young people is impossible.

Another message about the incident of Amakhanov sent to the General Prosecutor of Russia Igor Krasnov immediately after his appointment, and on 26 February he sent to President Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin statement in which asked “to assist and direct the independent investigation team from another region of Russia, not connected with local law enforcement agencies for the successful and fair completion of criminal proceedings”.