The Dakar rally was overshadowed in January 2020, two fatal accidents with motorcycles. Paulo Goncalves and Edwin Straver succumbed to Plunge their injuries. Overall, the average speed of the Dakar Premiere in Saudi Arabia was much higher than originally planned. Therefore, Changes are required.

“The race in Saudi Arabia was much too fast,” says KTM’s head of Motorsport, Pit Beirer to ‘’. “A route like this year, we would not accept. It was definitely too fast.” Talks with the Dakar-organizer ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) and the international motorcycling Federation FIM are already conducted.

KTM has raised the level of pressure that something needs to happen: “I don’t want to take the words now in the mouth, but it is definitely so, that we need a clear change of the distance and from the safety picture, otherwise our drivers will not be available at the Start,” says Beirer clear words, and would not rule out a retreat.

average speed must be reduced

“With Pablo Quintanilla, we had a top speed of 184 km/h on gravel roads with camel grass. If the front fork mounts with a tough, thorny Bush, then I have to show everyone what’s going on think white. It can’t be that our drivers drive for hours with full throttle and just hope you survive it.”

“Motorsport is dangerous we know that. But it should still be a calculated risk. You just have to use the landscape, in the heavy sand dunes to enter, thus lowering the average speeds. You can design the route so that the average speed decreases.”

The person responsible is aware of the fact that you have to change something. At the beginning of March, there was in Lisbon a Meeting with ASO, the FIM, the motorcycle brands and some of the drivers, where measures were discussed. It should be in the future in the tracks, more Variation. The routes should also be used by a former motorcycle driver included.

Also, the use of an air volume limiter is discussed. As of 2021, Airbags for motorcycle drivers should be mandatory. It could also tire less, less assistance and more Marathon stages, so that the driver know that you need to preserve your Material. The adventure idea should be strengthened also, if the drivers themselves have to repair.

“It should not be that 170 over the blind hill or 185. This is our clear message and we are calling on the organizers to change,” said KTM’s head of Motorsport, Beirer. “Otherwise, we would not meet even the toughest consequences, if we meet there.”

This article was written by Gerald Dirnbeck

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