Experimental safety vehicle, ESF for short 2019. Behind this brittle designation is nothing more than a futuristic technology carrier on the Basis of the new Mercedes GLE with a lot of interesting ideas for the improvement of Road safety hidden. Such to the ESF, in the Mercedes Tradition, and have been a midwife for long been self-evident safety systems such as belt tensioners, airbags, ABS, ESP, or last Pre-Safe 360°.

After ten years, ESF

“to The decision to present ten years after the last ESF in 2009 to return to the ESF, two years ago,” says Rodolfo schöneburg, head of vehicle safety at Daimler: “in view of the fact that the technical development and the expectations to the automated Driving change in the demands on the safety technology.” In the process, castle and his Team, among others, the following questions were beautiful: How to look like a security system for an automated car in the mixed traffic with exchange infrastructure, and a differently-equipped traffic participants driving – time automated time from the driver’s steered? What are the classic passive safety systems need to be adapted? What are the new possibilities of accident avoidance or mitigation provides the technology of automated driving?

Showcar and development tool

Some of the answers it shows the ESF of 2019 as a show car and at the same time development tool. “A typical Feature of the ESF, 2019”, beautiful castle, “are explained, for example, a steering Wheel and pedals, which will be withdrawn in the case of fully automated travel from the movement of the driver.” This will offer the rider more comfort and room for movement. In the case of a crash, the risk for injuries to the lower extremities is reduced by pedals. Of course the changed, more comfortable Seats belts in automated Driving will also impact on the safety or Airbags. Also, the ESF 2019 workable solutions. “And whether this will lead to in the future modified requirements in the regulations or the test ratings shown,” so beautiful a castle, “to a real vehicle, such as the ESF, much better than the theory.”

core elements of the ESF in 2019, the communication and the protection of persons outside the vehicle, in addition to the enhanced occupant protection. It uses the same Sensors as for Autonomous Driving. Therefore, the following three examples were relatively quick and easy in the series to implement:

Zebra stripes (image): Similar to today’s motorists make eye contact with the waiting to recover the pedestrians, signals the ESF through the turquoise light signals and messages in the grille that it has perceived the passers-by and waits until it crossed the road. the Between parked cars encountered passers-by: you are Wasting a phone inattentive pedestrian inattentive in front of the parked ESF 2019 across the street, warns him of the ESF acoustically with unüberhörbarem “caution!”, makes approaching vehicles with a Warnschriftzug in the rear window of the danger, and spotlights the pedestrian with the addition of the spotlight. the Independent warning triangle: Detects the ESF in case of an accident or breakdown of the vehicle, opens on the roof of the vehicle a warning triangle. Also a small warning triangle makes use of similar to a dust suction robot automatically and positioned at the correct distance behind the ESF, in order to make the risk, without that the driver needs to take care of the hedge.