As described in the Department of agroindustrial complex of the Tyumen region, the dynamics of the hay in the region is two times higher than in 2019. Approximately the same dynamics on the harvesting haylage: if last year at this time had garnered 26 percent of the need, in this – 34.

Lead procurement jobs farmers Uporovskogo, Iset and Vikulovskaya areas. In Uporovskogo district of an agricultural company has provided 97 percent of its needs, in Isetskoye – 94 and Vikulovskaya – 89. In Uporovskogo district successfully executes the plan in the SEC Martinski and ZAO “Niva-agro”. Farmers of this district every year among the leaders.

78 thousand hectares in the region is seeded perennial grasses and 36 thousand hectares of natural grasslands, including grasses. Only in the Tyumen region in this season is planned to prepare almost 129 thousand tons of hay. This seasonal work there are more than 170 households.

continued harvesting haylage. Dry and canned grass keeps the exchange energy, protein, sugar, carotene and at the same time is quite a concentrated feed to provide a full ration of highly productive animals. Harvesting haylage 55 today’s busy households.

the Spring this year was early, so suitable for harvesting vegetative mass was formed earlier than usual, explained in the Department. With possible rainfall in August and September, you can remove the second mowing. If satisfied the need of farms created by the reserves and the surplus sell to neighbors who do not have time to prepare the hay in the required quantities. For example, silage of the Tyumen region in such cases, sell and export in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district.