foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58) switches Pascale Baeriswyl (51) as Captain of the team of the Swiss UN Mission in New York, as he was informed on Wednesday.

the most Urgent task for the former head of the political Department in the foreign Department (EDA) is to lead Switzerland in the UN security Council. Our diplomats have been trying, for years, the necessary votes. Also with swap transactions.

Baeriswyl was here until now, been particularly busy. According to a paper that seems to come from the Department of foreign Affairs and a VIEW exists, it should have even asked at the world football Association Fifa to support.

research shows that Baeriswyl on 21. May 2019, with the Fifa Secretary General, Fatma Samoura (56) has taken. The DFA confirmed this Meeting. But what has this got to do with the political state Secretary with sports?

Nothing, if you believe the EDA pronouncements. “The topic of conversation, an exchange about the current Situation on the Arabian Peninsula”, explains the spokesman Pierre-Alain Eltschinger. The Senegalese sports official Samoura is likely to be hardly an expert on the Arab question.

This statement is also an internal paper of the political Directorate of the FDFA, the present VIEW is talking about. According to this it was at the Meeting to increase the number of teams at the football world Cup finals in Qatar. This, in turn, the Secretary of state is likely to be hardly the right person.

quota-free recruitment from third countries

so What is the Meeting about? As is known, the world football Association, under the direction of Gianni Infantino (49) longer, to receive a special status as a privileged Organisation in Switzerland (see Box). This could bring the Fifa in addition to tax benefits, immunity for their leadership.

a VIEW has asked the world football Association. You think Fifa is aiming to make only a special scheme for recruitment of staff from outside Europe.

it’s Fifa, to be able to easier personnel from Overseas to Zurich transfer? On demand, the EDA grants, the Fifa General Secretary had raised the issue at a Meeting with Baeriswyl.

But Baeriswyl is far from the Only one in the Department that takes the time for Fifa. Thus, the FDFA Secretary-General, Markus Seiler (49) wrote to Fifa on 19. March 2018, so more than a year before the Meeting, a letter. It says that the world football Association could not apply as an institutional Beneficiary. He disclaims for Fifa but a special scheme to facilitate the employment of staff States third. For the further pursuit of this objective, the Fifa was allowed to refer to Write to the EDA.

SEM gave Fifa a basket

The fact is that the Fifa then, as she turned to the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM). However, the office of the Secretary of state Mario Gattiker (62) let down the world football Association 2018: Fifa could get no relief for the employment of Third-country nationals. And yet, Baeriswyl meet again a year later with Fifa, where this special arrangement comes to the language.

required As the VIEW from the EDA for more information on the special status for the Fifa, it was said all of a sudden, the Federal Council had noted in 2006 that the sport associations like the Fifa Beneficiary as institutionally, in the sense of the host state law may apply.

that decision would give the EDA the Fifa so a long time ago. And yet, for the world of football, the doors of the foreign Department of the Association is always wide open in December 2017, the heads of the EDA and Fifa met-namely, himself: In the presence of Chancellor Walter Thurnherr (56) took the Federal Council Cassis time for the President of the world football Association, Gianni Infantino (49).

this is The mail traffic between SEM and Fifa, the VIEW based on the freedom of information act.

Why did the EDA for the Fifa strong?

Fifa is actually such a good rapport with the politically Powerful of this world, to be able to help Switzerland to a seat in the UN security Council? There is an example that speaks of this: VIEWS-and-white, the Argentine President Mauricio Macri (60) was in the summer unnoticed by the Public in Switzerland, and not, of our Federal councillors, but as a guest of Fifa!

To do this, you need to know: Macri was long President of the sports club Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires. Known of the club primarily for its football Department, for once, Diego Maradona (58) played. Maradona was the “Hand of God” in the history of the game, as he scored in the world Cup 1986 against England contrary to the rules, with the Hand in a goal and led Argentina in the world Cup title.

Indeed, the EDA answers the question whether at this year’s Meeting between the Baeriswyl and the Fifa General Secretary Samoura the seat in the UN security Council was an issue, short and sweet: no. However, this doesn’t mean that the Swiss back-room diplomacy uses the unifying Element of football but for their purposes – and that it was the “Hand of God”.

Since 2007, Switzerland has a host of state law. It governs which privileges the kind of protection and the ways in which international organizations enjoy when they have their headquarters or a representation in Switzerland. The advantage of depending on considerably: they range from simpler, entry, residence and work conditions for employees through tax exemptions to criminal immunity.

And the law also determines who can come into the enjoyment of these privileges. For an organization or a Person must be deemed to be “institutional beneficiary”. The following criteria are mandatory:

main office or Branch office in Switzerland, pursuing a not-for-profit Purpose of international activity in the field of international relations with special interest for Switzerland to the presence in this country

According to the statutes, this also applies to Fifa, which is trying since years to have a Status of “institutional beneficiary”. However, the Federal Council has ruled out sports organizations in his message of it. (pt)