for anybody not a secret that some inmates help the citizen to the chief to be aware of what is happening in prison. What’s going on in the barracks of the detachment of prisoners at night? What say the criminal authorities? What channels are delivered to the colony drugs? For these and many more questions the administration needs to know the answer.

informants With secret contracts, secret work on the administration of prisoner pay. In principle that’s all society knew. The rest is a mystery. There are only guesses.

for Example, talking about some “hens” in the chambers of the prison: the inmates trying to talk to the prisoner and find out from him something interesting to the investigator.

human rights activists talk about the press hat. There are specially employed people from among the prisoners create intolerable atmosphere for recalcitrant defendants. Intractable – in the opinion of the investigator. The task of the helpers of the administration in this chamber to unleash human language.

However, officially a press-huts does not exist. If you ask about that directly from some of the citizen chief, he will see sincere eyes and say that the press hut was invented by the filmmakers. Or journalists. Or prisoners. It does not matter who. Most importantly, people with imagination.

whatever it was, the need to work with confidential informants no doubt. Technical tools are not omnipotent. Often, to uncover a dangerous gang or to prevent a terrorist attack, the intelligence agencies have to introduce your man to the lair of villains.

Often confidants are not staff members of law enforcement. They work according to the contract concluded for a definite period. But often secret informants no official work. People who have the required intelligence information, as a rule, find themselves in the criminal environment. Which is not surprising. Who else could be his for the criminals? But the gang labor books not issued.

Is that the secret informant goes to prison and there he continues to work with people in uniform. Even in 2015, a law was passed, a period of covert cooperation with law enforcement authorities related to the number of periods counted in the insurance period. The required information on the statement of the ex-informant would be transferred to the Pension Fund. Now the order of the FSIN prescribes as an informant to execute the documents. Similar orders already taken in other law enforcement agencies. The procedure is almost the same everywhere: the person applies to the Agency, they check the secret of the case and, if everything is confirmed, relevant information is passed to a special Department of the Pension Fund.