French Radovan Vitek (48). The Czech multi-billionaire and majority owner of the cable car company CMA in the Valais ski resort of Crans-Montana should learn Swiss German, you would have to teach him First the expression “Figgi and Waste”. He describes Viteks business principle.

The closure of the cable cars a year ago, just to show the fusion municipality of Crans-Montana, who is wearing the trousers, is an example of this. The letter two weeks ago to the municipality in which he asks for 5 million Swiss francs to renovate its Park house, a second.

Now, the documents that were previously secret, a much larger part of the drama. The CMA’s minority shareholders, the three sub-municipalities of Crans-Montana, Lens and Icogne had five expert reports to the operations in and around the capital increase in 2016.

loss of 2.6 million

you wanted to keep this under lock and key. Six West Swiss media, however, you get by using the freedom of information act, and yesterday the content is published.

Since the capital increase of 50 million Swiss francs in the year 2016, according to the Vitek 85 percent of the shares owned is first. At the same time the billionaire shifted the company CMA Immobilier (CMAI), which is the Park houses and Restaurants in Crans-Montana, of its Holding CPI for an inflated price in the CMA. Instead of 5 million CMA paid 35 million Swiss francs. For the municipalities as minority shareholders, a loss of over 2.6 million.

Regret Vitek the Deal? Or how can you explain that its CPI bought the CMAI last December for exactly the same inflated price? “Le Temps” speculated about the intention to prevent civil legal action – finally, the financial damage was repaired.

Now the attorney for the

Vitek itself is nothing to says, but his aide-de-camp, Philippe Magistretti (63) denies the charge: It had simply been a mistake, the Restaurants and Parking garages under the same roof as the mountain to locate tracks.

However, the criminal way, for example, a fraud claim still remains. Only: The municipalities want to know anything about that. “For us, the Important thing is that the transaction has been corrected,” says David Bagnoud (48), President of Lens and municipality representatives in the Board of Directors of CMA.

this Is credible? One of the reports describes Vitek as the “economic lung of the CMA”. He could turn, annoyed by an ad, the money faucet it would be “Figgi” for the communities! “Waste” is now that you need to play Viteks game. This could mean, for example, to pay him the 5 million for the Park house Renovation.

But there is a third option: “It is a study of the capital increase and the sale of shares in connection with the lifts of Crans-Montana”, best��the Valais Prosecutor Nicolas Dubuis in the middle of April and are responding to. Means that Vitek could come before the court. Even with billions you can’t change the rules of the game arbitrarily.