At the beginning of a couple of mouse were clicks. And the hatred.

On 18. March 2019 based G. S.* a closed Facebook group whose Name you want to program: White Resistance white resistance.

p. is doing it at home in Basel, on the screen of his computer. A mass murder at the other end of the world has inspired him. Just under 72 hours, it is at that time that a right-wing Terrorist shot and killed in Christchurch, new Zealand, 50 Muslims. As for the bombers, and also S. believes that Islam degrades the Western culture, his home destroyed.

the Facebook entries only, who receives a personal invitation can See. Around two dozen people, from various corners of Switzerland. Artisans, The Unemployed, High-School Graduates. What they have in common: their fanatical rage on everything Foreign.

“For me, the On from Blabla are finished,” writes S. What he means, is concretized in the following weeks.

Sunday view has researched for several months, obscured, up in the innermost circle of the secret group. What began in the Depths of Facebook, has continued to grow at a breathtaking pace to a violent neo-Nazi cell.

A terror trio sound

The leading core of the group three men and a woman between 30 and 46 years old, from the cantons of Bern and Basel-city. They organize themselves via an encrypted Chat within the White Resistance.

The conversation with about a dozen people participate, carries the Nickname “The Uncomfortable 14”. The number stands for “14 words”, the neo-Nazi creed, which reads: “We must secure the existence of our people and the future of our white children.”

As the leader of the G. S., the group’s founder from Basel acts. On photos he is posing with guns and knives on his forearm, a tattooed, double-S, is the emblem of Hitler’s “protection squadron”, the SS, the main responsible for the bloody Terror in the third Reich emblazoned. He commands, the other would have to follow, type p. in the Chat.

every Day, the members of rush against Jews, foreigners, and dissenters. “As soon as I have formed, wärde mr Switzerland ride away terror. NSU style,” announces. The others agree with him. The acronym NSU stands for national socialist underground, the extreme right-wing terror trio, Beate Zschäpe, the murdered from 2000 to 2007 in Germany, nine migrants and a policewoman.

Only last week, the protection of the Constitution in Berlin, warned of a new type of terrorism. As actors little complex, organized small groups and individuals were increasingly “off” in appearance. The right of terrorist potential, develop often on the edge or entirely outside of the organized scene. In part, it was previously Unknown, predominantly men, to the 30, radicalized through social media.

In this pattern, the members of the Swiss neo-Nazi traps-group of G. S. a few of them have Connections to the classic scene, are no known organizations. S. used to temporarily loose contact to the extreme right-wing party of National Orientated Swiss (Pnos), but it was too little militant.

Ridiculous, but dangerous,

draw a picture of extremists, which varies between ridiculousness and bigotry, but leaves no doubt about: The group is not a fire hazard.

The Facebook Chats usually start in the evening. With racist caricatures and excesses of verbal violence, the Chatter on the spines of each other. Some snort it cocaine, to drink the French beer of 8.8. “The comma wegsaufen” name your Ritual. So that is 8.8, the number 88 is twice the eighth letter of the alphabet – neo-Nazi Code for “Heil Hitler”.
“I sübrre city”, writes one. Another double: “ethnischi süüberig.”

the group’s founder, S. fantasizes: “everything to Me rotten to us. In 10! lie mr coming back to this initial and tell guet done.”

In your delusions, the group imagines that they share a Black kills. “You dörfsch, of course, au nomol dri schutte, if he hears nothing to me,” writes S. to the woman in their own ranks. If you don’t need much when it comes to “dräck Negro,” she replies.

“to Me müend of Europe si”

at the beginning of April: The plans are more concrete. S. asks, in the round, who had to fight training ready. Fitness, a bit of Boxing. “I müend of Europe si.” He reaps the consent.Now wants to meet the hard core. The goal: the violence of plans from the Internet in reality wear. 13. April, a cool Saturday afternoon, meet at least five members of the chat group in Basel. In the case of sausage and beer, the Clique that wants to be a terrorist cell is formed.

On the same day 40 extreme Right to interfere in Schwyz, an anti-racism rally. Bottles flying, to brawling, it comes. A. L., a neo-Nazi from the Canton of Bern, participated in the Meeting of the chat group in Basel, post the next day on Facebook a Video of the clashes in Schwyz and writes: “Bluet muäs tile.”

What exactly happened at the Meeting and in the days that followed, how far the violence plans real, is unclear. Sunday view has contacted the lead members of the chat group – without success.

what is Clear is that After the Meeting, the Chats were on Facebook less frequently. They have increasingly shifted to the encrypted Messenger service Telegram.

Several have a criminal record

Because the group knows What they are doing is punishable by law. You must be careful, otherwise all would end up in prison, a member. Add to that: More of the Chatter, have a criminal record according to their own data.

On Facebook is in the restrained group was also because the leader of S. assumed that the police monitored him.

If this is so, can not say. The fact is: The Swiss security authorities to hold back on repression measures against violent neo-Nazis. This has to do with that, and your focus is on the Islamists. But also with the law. The Federal intelligence service (NDB) it is prohibited electronic surveillance measures against the militants of the extreme-Right. The followers of the Islamic state (IS) fall under the category of terrorism, and are systematically observed. If necessary, taps into the intelligence of their phones or computers.

That a wishy-dealing with extreme Right-wing which can be fatal, showed the attack of Christchurch. The offender rushed for years on Facebook and slipped still under the Radar of the authorities.

* name known to the editors