Family Vahrusheva – typical of the Petersburg intelligentsia. Victoria – psychologist, Andrew – lawyer. Six months ago they erected at its suburban area smaller copy of the pyramid of Cheops. Old log sauna, an Apple tree and then a real Egyptian pyramid, on the steps which the heated brooding cat.

Why? smiles Victoria. – Yes, simply there is such a word – a dream.

the Dream began to take shape ten years ago, when Vahrusheva first came to Egypt and discovered a mysterious and infinite world of the pyramids. At first glimpse, with many tourists, then carefully, making long-term visit to the pyramids and traveling to “sacred” places, which are not found in the guidebooks.

it was clear that the pyramids affect people in the best manner. Those who are able to be there out of tourist flow, feel joy, lightness, enthusiasm. Physicists have long been studying the properties of pyramids – they are better kept products to sharpen knives, go faster regeneration processes, – says Victoria. – The causes of these udivitelnoe wanted to understand, but regularly and for long periods to work in the Egyptian monuments is impossible. And then we thought, why not build your own pyramid?

the Preparatory work took about two years. The idea of building pyramids Vahrusheva lit friends and associates. Engineering drawing was designed by the famous expert on Ancient Egypt, the architect designed an unusual project. Took the pyramid of Cheops, reduced in exactly nineteen times. No mystery – I had to fit in with building codes. Came up with a pyramid with a base length of 13 meters, a height of about 8.5. If the Egyptian original is made from limestone and basalt, then real – of polystyrene.

Miracles began already in the process of construction.

For the Tajiks, who worked in a team, our pyramid was initially a member object, except that with custom masonry. And then they began to pass patients back, legs, shoulders, – says Victoria. And in the rain and wind, no cold. Cured and chronic inflammation on the foot of the girl we hired for cleaning construction dust.

the Pyramid was given the name of Thoth – the Egyptian God of wisdom. She has to undergo finishing work, but the lack of functionality of the cladding is not affected. The beneficial effects of the pyramid have experienced for nearly half hundreds of visitors. It’s like friends Vakhrusheva and “pilgrims” – from Moscow, Vladivostok, Belarus. Inside the pyramid – four levels, each of which carries its own information and energy corresponds to the chambers in the great pyramid. Pursuing us for a tour inside the pyramids, Andrew tries to speak as simple and clear��m for the uninitiated, the language of the people.

– Here is the bottom camera, it lowered a couple of meters under the ground and is designed to work with the subconscious. Here is structured water. Remember how in the fairy tales, there is water living and the dead.

– is It alive?

Is dead. But not to kill, but to remove the film of dirt with human energy. Now imagine the subconscious mind as a glass of muddy liquid. With the help of dead water, remove the impurities remained half a Cup of pure water. Then add the water glass to the brim. Is this clear?

Second floor – the so-called chamber of the Queen. Here, a wide wooden shelf and something like a sandbox with an unusual shimmering sand. It’s quartz. In General, the rock crystal in the pyramid crumbled, decomposed and stored about five tons – it performs the role of a lens to gather energy. The third level is the chamber of the king. With the sarcophagus for meditation. If on the first floor a man is justified, and the second finds serenity, here the magic begins – changes in physical and mental terms. And the final stage – the fourth floor, just under the tip. Here, say the creators of the pyramids, is an upgrade of consciousness, the expansion of his abilities.

– Roughly speaking, a person becomes smarter. Well, for example, someone working as a middle Manager and would like to become a Department head, but the consciousness does not allow. It is here that it will change in the right direction. To adjust privacy? Also possible – casually lists Andrew. – We’ve got a lot of amazing things happening. One lady came – not unbend. Feet, head and joints ached all! Two hours in the pyramid, and it runs so far.

a Pyramid in Istence not specifically advertised, but the glory of it goes. To the curious Vahrusheva are without irritation, but one day woke up to the noise and saw that the pyramid happily climbed and sefatsa some young people with beer.

then enclosed it with a fence. They say it is not an art object and not the attraction, but a place for research and actually private property.

– I was amused by the comments of some people in social networks. Why built in the courtyard of the tomb. But not every pyramid served as a tomb, – says Victoria, pouring tea in the shade of the pyramid. – Yes, there were those that were buried in their sarcophagus is under the ground.

And if the sarcophagus above ground level, so the structure is designed for something else. The pyramid of Cheops is this. Neither the mummy nor the countless treasures prepared for the afterlife, it is not found, it is a known fact. But what these pyramids and how they work is a mystery we try to unravel…


Pyramid in Istence – not only in Russia. According Borusevych, in the country of their not less than five hundred. But to build the same “right” still could not be anyone. While developing his project, Andrew Victoria not began to focus on the existing examples: “We needed not just an expensive toy, but really “working” object. Therefore, repelled from the pyramid of Cheops, trying not to change anything in this plan we are certainly not smarter than the ancient Egyptians.”