There is good news from the UK coming: The southern English city of Bristol has decided to grant the young drug dealers with a unique project, a Chance to reintegrate into society.

offenders between 16 and 21 years of age who are caught for the first Time as a drug dealer, shall in the future enter, instead of before the court in the driving school.

The integration programme also provides fitness training, Coaching, and English classes. The aim is that the young people in the labour market with better opportunities. In order for Bristol to offer the adolescent first-time offenders a real Chance to break out of their criminal environment.

a prerequisite for participation: The dealers are not allowed to be neither Sexual nor violent offences have been involved. The Affected should be made during the rehabilitation program, a relapse, you have to answer also for the earlier offence before the court.

The offer of reintegration is six to nine months. In Bristol the project has been running since February. Of the 16 participants, only two were previously due.

of Course, the Bristol method is getting used to – it is very reminiscent of that special setting, the young Swiss enjoyed a multiple offender, “Carlos” once upon a time …

And yet: Why should we give the young people a Chance?

Or how to put it to Detective Superintendent Gary Haskins in an interview with the BBC: “What we have to lose? Otherwise we put people in jail and see you again.”