Sébastien Buemi (30) threatened in the FIG formula E second season in a row to remain winless. With a furious final sprint in the last two races in New York, the driver changed from Aigle VD, the. He celebrated his 13. Victory and a third place in the electric racing circuit, and pushed in the overall rankings from seven to two. Buemis season in the quietly humming electric FIG formula E took place before the spectacle of the scenery of Manhattan with the Vice-world champion title, a happy ending.

And soon Buemi is making noise. And even in Switzerland. Only a few weeks after his formula-E-occurs when E-Prix in Bern, the Romand back at home in a racecar. This time, even in a formula 1 car.

“It’s great that this Show takes place in Switzerland,”

Buemi is on the weekend of September 10./11. August guest star at the “Red Bull Race Day” on the airfield of Grenchen. What he shows the expected 20’000 Fans? “I’m going to be a Show Car of Red Bull Racing is to drive with a V8 engine, which gives much more noise than today’s formula-1 engines,” says Buemi, “the car is from 2012 or 2013.”

So, from the pre-Hybrid Era of F1. Buemi is at the Show Event, the tyres powerful smoke. “Of course I can’t give it full throttle. But this is a cool Event that will make a lot of Fun. It’s great that this Show in Switzerland takes place, I am very happy.”

The “Red Bull Race Day” comes for the first time since 2011 in Mollis GL Switzerland. Then, too, Buemi was there. In addition to his F1 Show there in Grenchen, Demo-flights the pilots of the Air Race world championship, Drift performances of the “Drift Brothers,” Freestyle Moto cross jumps from the Swiss Star Mat Rebeaud, and other Motor-Action from the Red Bull Portfolio.