“the Federal air transport Agency in the preparation of the guidelines took into account the opinion of the leading Russian airlines and airports, including analyzed material ICAO and IATA,” – said “RG” the first Deputy Minister – head of Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko. He also noted that the enterprises of civil aviation since February, working in the mode COVID-19, so many airlines have already implemented and apply preventive measures.

To exit from the regime of restrictions has three stages. Most restrictions will remain on the first two.

the Boarding should take place “with due observance of measures of social distancing given the infrastructure capabilities of the airport”, the passengers should be fastened during the entire flight, only to get up to the toilet, there should supervise flight attendants. Food will be supplied only in sealed packages, beverages in the individual.

In the second phase, passengers will only be allowed to move freely through the cabin of the aircraft. The third stage will remain only two limitations – General temperature measurements from all the incoming at the airport and closed to restaurants and shops in the terminals. Flight attendants at all three stages in flight must wear a mask and gloves.

Around that, with some restrictions to allow passengers in the aircraft before the end of the epidemic, many lances have been broken. With special predilection discussed the rules of social distancing. The CPS insisted on Seating passengers through one. The airline said that with the requirement to lift the aircraft at a loss.

About the only filling part of the cabin after the pandemic first started talking abroad, foreign airlines began to impose this rule, but then many refused it. Against the rules of social distancing on Board was made by the international air transport Association (IATA). In Russia on the development of measures for the phased removal of restrictions for the industry are reported may 14 the Federal air transport Agency. In the arrangement of three seats in a row was supposed not to occupy the Central chair, and the Seating arrangement two in a row – seated passengers staggered, reported RIA Novosti with reference to the document of the Federal air transport Agency. Later, on 19 may, General recommendations for transport has published the CPS: airlines ordered to fill the cabin so that the number of passengers does not exceed 50% of the total number of seats.

For aviators said the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich.

He noted that the introduction of rules of social distancing on Board will lead to growth of cost of tickets up to 70 thousand rubles, and at the cheapest rates. To ensure the profitability of the transportation Board shall be filled by 72-75%, he explained. Industry sources then the stories��was zvali “RG”, these recommendations are not final and they are to be agreed with representatives of the industry.

Discussion around the new regulations fueled the appeal of the Association of air transport operators (aato) the Ministry of transport with a request not to impose rules about passengers in aircraft cabins, may 21.

on the same day Eugene Dietrich stated that his appeal guide aato does not contribute to a constructive dialogue with the CPS and expressed hope that this move will not prevent further work. The head of the Ministry of transport announced plans for the development in conjunction with the CPS recommendations for all modes of transport. And at the end of the same day was published as finalized recommendations for the aviation industry.

These rules are technically feasible, although some requirements are “soothing” in nature, said in an interview with “RG” the chief expert of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Fyodor Borisov.

the prices for air travel will still rise, experts say. The restoration of passenger numbers will take several years. Some will be afraid to fly, but others in General will reduce the number of trips, including due to declining revenues. This will undermine the position of low-cost airlines: they offered cheap flights, working on the verge of profitability but making a profit due to the large traffic flow, said Deputy Director of the Institute of engineering Economics, Sciences and Humanities Daniel Kwon. A lot depends on when they open the foreign line. If not soon, a number of airlines will inevitably leave the market, says the head of analytical service of Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev.

For all kinds of transportation General sanitary requirements the Ministry of transport and the Federal service must approve before June, said Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich may 20. According to him, it is necessary to develop protective measures that will ensure, on the one hand, the safety of passengers, on the other – will not kill the economy of transportation.

Rospotrebnadzor “RG” explained that the recommendations for road, water, rail transport still in development.

representatives from the transport industry state that already use the increased security rules, but the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor in respect of social distance, some carriers can’t do. “If you comply with the requirement, the bus 20 seats must be only 7 people. To accomplish this, in principle, impossible,” – said Vice-President of the Russian motor transportation Union Valery Alekseev. The carrier is paid per passenger, not per flight, besides, it is unclear how to control the observation distance.

Simply the situation at the railway transp��mouth. In the face of declining demand for transport can be seated passengers away from each other in the car. “In the compartment carriages are not more than two passengers in the compartment, second-class – no more than three in the same compartment”, – explained the “RG” in the Railways. In cars with seats in a double row, the passenger takes the window seat, and triple – single passenger at the window and one aisle.