As a little girl, she took her Grandfather by the Hand to go in the woods mushroom hunting. “Because I smelled for the first Time in a porcini mushroom. This special, woody mushroom smell is burned in my memory, I know him since there blind, only the fragrance,” says Christa Leopold (41). Later, it was her mother, with the help of which you went in search. “Always according to the Motto: We take only what we know. Eggs, sponges, mushrooms, Parasol, and morels.”

she has Experienced these early times, not far from Vienna, where he studied marketing specialist grew up in. For twelve years she lives in Zürich, the passion has taken her here. “Mushrooms are a bit archaic looking,” she says. “The charm of collecting activates the reward system in the brain. You go into the forest with the idea to find something. If it is so, then this causes a feeling of happiness. If I find a mushroom, my heart beating higher.”

expert tips for picking mushrooms

1. Cantonal fungal protection regulations are to be observed.

2. To only Collect baskets or nets to ensure good ventilation – never plastic bags! In these, the mushrooms decompose quickly and can be toxic.

3. Young and old specimens are not suitable as edible mushrooms.

4. Unknown mushrooms, leave standing, or for the determination of one or two copies out of the bottom turn and the mushroom controller to present. Stems not damage it.

5. The whole mushroom groupage of a control body to submit.

6. Mushrooms cook well – not raw to consume. Exceptions: red gelatinous funnel, Eispilz and truffles.

7. Contrary to older advice, mushroom dishes may be warmed up again. In the refrigerator-mounted remnants of mushroom dishes, you can warm up a day or two afterwards, safe and enjoy.

8. The earlier widespread opinions that silver spoon and onions discolor when cooking with poisonous mushrooms, or animals partially chewed mushrooms are non-toxic, belong to the fairy-tale into the realm of the nurse.

It was the other joy, to process the mushrooms and to eat in the evening with friends. “The System closes on itself. Not – added to this is that as more and more people in the forest and it is beautiful, but with a Knowledge that you can pass, the other fascinated.” Leopold goes today to the search, she meets more and more city dwellers. She posts a picture of a little Parasols, or a poisonous mushroom, fly people to report immediately to her, wanting to be the next Time.

mushrooming, formerly ridiculed as a retired hobby, has become not only acceptable, but is also in the Trend. If you enter Instagram in the search term #mushrooms – or mushroom, a page, of the more than 6.7 million people. Proudly post pictures of their yield. Also hierzulan people group to go together on mushroom hunting.

An unexpected review additional hormones of happiness-free

This is nothing for Christa Leopold. She loves to be alone or to second-on-the-go. “The places that you visit, be on your guard it like a secret. This pass is among mushroom collectors is a taboo.” Only in the closest community to inform a maximum of one territory. “But this is a so called large area, for example, the Forchgebiet. No one comes to the left and says: “Look at the third tree,” the places to keep the loved one for itself.” She draws from her own experiences, to discover new places. “In the dark young forests, where spruce trees are close to each other, and there are few deciduous trees, I’ll make the best discoveries.” Highly recommend it, seems to be more in mixing than in deciduous forests. But it could also be completely different; often you find them in places where you would never suspect. “This, then, is the additional adrenaline kick. It is like fishing and Hunting. An unexpected sighting releases additional hormones of happiness.”

In the case of a fungus inspector, Christa Leopold was never. “Because I don’t take experimental animals, but only what I know. The risk is just too high.”

That this new Trend is also confirmed by Hans-Peter Neukom (66), a mushroom expert at the Cantonal laboratory of Zurich, and for over 25 years, mushroom controller of the municipality ZH Küsnacht. Last year, Zurich were tested at the Canton-5163 controls a total of 6221 Kilo of mushrooms. Of which of them 5023 pounds were released as edible mushrooms. But also 1037 pounds bad, 156 pounds of toxic and nearly 6 pounds of deadly poisonous have been sorted out by the specialists from the plant. The tendency is rising.

Also, Neukom join the Pilzler-Trend. Opposite VIEW, he says: “on the one Hand, it has to do with the last three fungal years, in which the Occurrence was very high. On the other hand, the hunter – gatherer instinct satisfied, and the Back-to-nature Trend is clearly noticeable.” Him on the case, that not only more and more city dwellers go to the search, but also the number of families increases. “The children are excited each, if you can say that this mushroom I found.” The downside is that more and more poisonous mushrooms find their way into the basket. Neukom, this leads on the one hand, to the ignorance of many of the back and on books and Apps, the replace, in his opinion, the mushroom inspector in any case. “The images because it does not correspond in part to the found mushroom. Is the of the sun faded, or are missing some important characteristics, such as the smell or taste, this can be very deceptive.”

In four of the cantons must not be collected at the beginning of the month

The mushroom season lasts into November. In five cantons, including the Canton of Zurich, may 1. up to 10. of the month will not be collected. “”This is a political rather than scientific question. A 30-year research project showed that the collection has virtually no effect on the growth of the mushroom fruit body. In the case of the quantity restrictions, in the Canton of Zurich 1 Kilo per Person per day, it is, however, rather a fair distribution of the sought-after forest product”, emphasizes New.

For the weekend, the sun and the rain are all the rage. Even then, Christa, Leopold would like to again through a strip of woodland. “The advantage is that it has few to no people encountered. When the mushrooms are soaked, I let them stand, because the consistency will suffer and they are not as crisp. In addition, many worm-eaten then. Then I rejoice over your sight, take a few photos, some of which I point in the network.” Until the next townspeople to report to the passionate collector, who would like to go with her pilzlen.

noodles to the mushroom-type

by Rachel Hämmerli (24), a trained cook

It needs:

600 g slim pasta
400 g porcini mushrooms
200 g shallots, chopped
2 cloves of garlic,
100 g chopped toasted walnuts
2 tablespoons flour
200 g of Bouillon,
100 g white wine
200 g cream
100 g parsley, chopped
wash A SIP of Cognac salt and pepper Butter for Frying

porcini mushrooms, dry well and cut into slices. The toasted walnuts coarsely chop. Mushrooms sauté in a frying pan with Butter on both sides. Shallots and garlic add half a Minute until translucent. Sprinkle with flour and stir to combine. Immediately Bouillon and white wine, add to soup and simmer until the Sauce is thicker. Cream, add to soup. Season with salt, pepper and Cognac to taste. Parsley and walnuts shortly before Serving the Sauce, stir. Cook the pasta in salted water until al dente cooking.