Libyan security forces have cleared in the port city of Misrata, a ship with migrants. After the majority of the people had not come voluntarily from the Board, brought to you by the Board, informed the Libyan Navy. A total of 80 people were on the boat found earlier, 16 people had been detained after they were gone from the Board.

Six people had been injured in the eviction, said the authorities spokesman. According to Human Rights Watch, some of them came already on Tuesday evening to the hospital while others were taken to a prison in Misrata.

The refugees had previously tried to cross the Mediterranean towards Europe. As the Crossing, they were rescued by the container ship Nivin. In the port of Misrata do not want to leave the ship, however. This is on the grounds that Libya was too dangerous for you.

Nivin, among other things, refugees from Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, were, according to Doctors without borders. Libya is not a safe country, announced the organization. The people abuse, torture, rape, threatened and forced labour.