boat with eleven Refugees on Board is allowed to create A Spanish fishing in Malta. The Spanish government and the relief organization Proactiva Open Arms shared. For ten days the Nuestra Madre Loreto had to prepare a recording medium sea port wanted. One of the refugees had already been kicked out because of acute dehydration with a rescue helicopter on the island.

the crew of The ship had at 22. November twelve, the Refugees from Somalia, Egypt, Niger, Sudan and Senegal, of an inflatable boat rescued, which came from Libya. The government in Madrid tried then without success, to move to Libya to take back the migrants. Also Italy and Malta rejected the request from Spain.

Italy has closed its ports for immigrants as far as possible. Also, Malta has prohibited vessels with Refugees several times in the driveway. Both countries insist that arriving migrants will be distributed in Europe.

According to the International organization for Migration and the refugee Agency, UNHCR relief came in this year more than 100,000 people across the Mediterranean to Europe. About 2,100 people were killed.