these days you can share the most people up in two groups: Those who believe corona virus-hysteria must stop, and those who believe that we do not take it seriously enough.

But it is a fact that the corona-the challenges for the government has benefited from the watch list to aktionslisten. It is no longer enough to follow the trend, now also requires action. Among other things, calls for several business organizations now support packages.

Emergency plans, emergency response, and enhanced sundhedsanbefalinger is no longer sufficient activities. The infamous Covid-19 has, fortunately, yet not cost human lives in Denmark, but the cost in so many other ways. It is now the government’s problem. And the problem lands on top of a number of self-created problems with the Palace – and in a time where all the government’s plans in advance is pretty udgiftsdrivende (read: costs box).

Harold MacMillan, deceased british prime minister, is believed to have replied ‘events, dear boy, events’ (events my boy, events), when he was asked what the most dangerous is for governments.

External events such as war, terror, natural disasters, financial crises, Muhammad drawings, migrationskriser, pandemics and the like. All the things that are beyond a government’s control, but which still is a responsibility of the government.

It is both expensive, hazardous and burdensome for the government, that it must now do more with the implications of Covid-19 than to ensure supplies of håndsprit and contingency plans.

It’s about health, jobs, businesses and the national economy, said the prime minister at a news conference Friday, asking the danes listen for the recommendations of health authorities and informed on the Like the events with more than 1,000 participants should be deferred or cancelled – preliminary march month out.

the Prime minister stepped forward, flanked by the society’s administrative top – from Sundhedstyrelsen, the police, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Danish business authority. She was the only one elected. There was no doubt about where the responsibility should lie. She could just as well have whistled, pointed to himself and replied ‘mum here’. the

the Week’s downturn:

There are machines that shoot clay pigeons out so the hunters can train their abilities udi haglskydning. And so there is a government that shoots trouble out of the ministry of Finance, so that the opposition can exercise their ability to pronounce the ‘breach of trust’ on a daily basis. The ministry of finance has now reported to the police leak of the papers to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, as a chief press officer, has left his position with a significantly afskedssalut that it helps in the ability to perform the job, if you are a ‘professional social democrat’. One can wonder whether the minister has lost control, though the ministry has been politicised, or whether the government simply just magtarrogante. Judge for yourself. But there is something rivravruskende wrong, we may well be agreed.

Alternativets political leader, Josephine Fock, are still on the pinebænken. It is only in the weekend, the confederation shall decide whether they have confidence in her. Again. Krigsskadeomkostningerne of shenanigans is huge and by sending the party towards the bust. The new political culture, the party would introduce, is in ruins, the political agenda is being exported to other parties, and there seems to be a big minus is also on account of the simple ability – more the will) to let a leader lead. The latest is the leadership and the party’s leader has been disagreement as to whether redecorate allowed to participate in the upcoming climate change.
A party leader, who is accused of personify everything that the party would make up with that than not be allowed – of his own footmen – to negotiate the party’s absolute main priority. Missing just partisansøm in front of all the Danish bikes, there is shown a full plate on the selvdestruktionen in Y.

SF holds annual meeting at the weekend, and it actually goes really well for the party, but the announcements from the chairman, Pia Olsen Dyhr, will be overshadowed by both coronaviruses, the flow of refugees from Turkey to Greece, the government’s fumleri with papers and talks and Alternativets targeted attempt to dissolve itself through tears. It is really a little sin, for SF is good to show that you get more out of being a loyal business partner for the government than to poke sticks in the wheel. And it’s not exactly, because it has cost of either the profile or opmærksomhedskontoen, simply because SF’s are so skilled political craftsmen, that they can do without threats and ultimatummer. And with the Alternative during the faster melting than “‘the ice on the poles’, so SF can look forward to prosperity.

the Sea Marie Serup

the Sea Marie Serup is B. T.’s political commentator and also as director of the communication agency BY SERUP. Sea Marie Serup is one of the sharpest political observers and have been quite close in power as the advisor to the prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in his first reign.