MOSCOW, may 3 – RIA Novosti. One of the writers of the original horror movie “Children’s games” and the Director of the sequel of “Kids games 2” by John Lafia committed suicide on 64-m to year of life, according to the publication Variety.

John Lafia collaborated with Tom Holland and Don Mancini when creating a script of the horror film “Children’s games”. It is noted that he came up with the name of the main character Chuckie and the famous phrase from the movie “hi, I’m Chucky! Play?”.

Lafia was born in 1957 and educated in the field of film and television. In addition to “Children’s games”, he became a Director and screenwriter of such films as “the Blue iguana”, “the Best man”, “Rat”, as well as several TV series. In addition, in 2019, he released his music album “John Lafia 1980-1985”.