After months of election campaign, the party President today to learn whether your countless Speeches, debates and Flyer Distribution campaigns have paid off: later in The afternoon, the first projection will be available. But time to Rest is no – after the publication of the results, voters are no longer shares in the focus of the Bernese strategists, but the distribution of Mail within the Federal Council.

The likely winner of the ballot, must be present in the back. The “secret plan” for a green or green-liberal Federal Council, about the time it was speculated, does not seem in sight. “I see no scenario where, in December, a green or green-liberal Federal Council is elected”, said GLP-founding President and national councillor Martin Bäumle (55, ZH), “neither at the expense of the CVP, even at the expense of the FDP”.

it is Important for an effective climate policy, rather Bäumle says and adds: “it is Only when a party or a political group may in the longer term, also beyond the Council of States, a mathematical claim, is a seat in the Federal Council to be realistic. The Swiss concordance is driven with constancy good so far.”

The Greens want to wait and see

taciturn the Green give. On the question of whether they rise to a possible election victory to claim a Federal Council seat, respond group chief and national councillor Balthasar Glättli (47): “First, we need to wait for the results of the elections. After that we will draw our conclusions.” A secret plan, it does not give but.

All these assertions in Spite of the tip of the CVP discussed already this week, the possible scenarios of how the group should behave when their voters share falls behind those of the Greens – and in December an attack on the seat of defense Minister Viola Amherd (57) is carried out. Or if one of the two liberals Federal Council should have seats in question.

Then, the CVP over night for the majority earner in the Bundesrat would – to a force that biases depending on the business with Red-Green or with the SVP and the FDP together. For the CVP disappointing legislature, this is the game for some representatives of the centre party, a tempting thought. Although the party is not already getting their key role in the deselection of Christoph Blocher (79) twelve years ago, very good.

the rise of The SVP in the root of the CVP land did not stop with this maneuvers – on the contrary. The current party President Gerhard Pfister (57) was already then among those who had warned in 2007, prior to this step. Hard to imagine that he, of all people, provides for a new castling by Hand. However, the behavior of the party leadership suggests that the CVP wants to shoot in the Moment nothing at all exclusive.

there Is a redistribution of the departments?

However, even if a green Triumph at the current composition of the Federal Council – two representatives from the SVP, SP, FDP, plus a representative of the CVP does not change anything, could movement in the thing: Some parties want to exchange a redistribution of the departments for the year.

Nothing is sacrosanct, it is said, in the case of the Left, especially with the performance of duties of foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58, FDP) dissatisfied. SP national councillor Fabian Molina (29) clarified: “The Department of distribution is sure to be a topic after the elections.” A change at the top of the foreign Department, he would “certainly not be unhappy”. However, further replacements would be by a detachment of Cassis necessary. “It makes the Whole really difficult,” says Molina. The two SP-a representative in the Federal Council would give up their Dossiers are reluctant to lead the ungrateful negotiations with Brussels. In addition, the last castling has taken place only in December, after Karin Keller-Sutter and Viola Amherd were re-elected to the Federal Council.

A Rotation is possible, it is said, however, in the case of the FDP – to prepare for all scenarios. Especially as the Federal councillors to discuss issues of the Department of distribution of these days will again close with their parties.

a Lot of simulation games so, on all sides. Only one thing is certain at the Moment: On the party President in some long days to wait after the elections.