Scotch whisky exports grew in 2019 at 4%

the Volume of exports of Scotch whisky rose to a record high in 2019 amid rapid sales growth in Taiwan and India, which offset concerns about trade tariffs and uncertainties due to Brexit, Reuters reports.

sales of Scotch whisky abroad rose more than 4% to 4.9 billion pounds (of 6.36 billion) in 2019.

Scotch whisky Exports to Taiwan rose last year by 22% and India 19.7%.

the United States has been the most valuable direction for the supply of whisky exports to the US grew by 2.8% to 1.1 billion pounds, despite the fact that in October, were introduced tariffs on malt whiskey and some liquors.

last year, the United States announced that it impose tariffs at 25% for some European goods, including Scotch whisky, as punishment for illegal subsidies for aircraft manufacturer in the EU.

the Scotch whisky Association said that as a result, in the last three months of 2019 exports to the US fell by a quarter compared to the previous year.

“Rates are badly affecting producers, especially for small companies”, — said the Executive Director of the Scotch whisky Association Karen Betts.