Chris DiDomenico was punished in qualifying with 36 Assists best assist provider in the League with 134 penalty minutes, but also of the most. And also in the Playoffs, the 30-Year-old appears in the list of sins already back in the first place.

In the case of the 1:2 defeat on Saturday in the fourth Playoff match against Lausanne. of the Canadians for a long time in the grip However, after the controversial 0:2 just before the second break, the emotions flowing. After the breaks, Irene the Rowdy LHC defender Junland with the stick attack and is sitting for the first two minutes of the conclusion of the section on the criminal bench.

Ten minutes before the end, he loses in the attack, the disc Bertschy. As this has played the Puck in return for a long time, from DiDomenico in the leg and brings the Lausanne-based striker. “DiDo” escape on the way to the penalty box, Bertschy smiles just tired.

“He’s incredibly ambitious,”

Totally unnecessary penalties, or Heinz Ehlers? “Yes,” said the visibly irritated coach only, without commenting on the scenes. In the second game the Coach left his Star because of a bad defense for several minutes, behavior, pause. He will have to banish him now, for once, completely on the grandstand, to discipline him? “We would be at the beginning of the qualification, I would say something to this topic. But now we are in the middle of the hot Phase, since we need the quality of each Individual,” said the Coach.

it was Probably. The SCL Tigers back in the series against Lausanne with 1:3 and can’t afford another defeat. Since it needs the Topskorer Chris DiDomenico, brought with the Anschlusstor on Saturday, the hope. “He is incredibly ambitious. This is something that we need. But his punishments we are not,” says Ehlers (53, Dä).

“We know, of course, who is irritable and who’s not”

Also in the camp of the opponent, we know the short fuse DiDomenicos. That you provoked him deliberately, would admit in the case of the Vaud countries, of course, no one. Christoph Bertschy (24) but a lot saying: “We know, of course, who is irritable, and who is not.” And irritable, this is Langnaus Topskorer.

On Saturday, he conceded after the Game because of foul words in the direction of the referee, a game misconduct penalty. Already the third this season. Heinz Ehlers has to come up with something to tame the hot porn. Otherwise Langnaus hugely successful season on Tuesday.

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