Almost Brad Pitt (55) died in a dangerous Detox program before he could ascend to the world of the star: This is the Ex-Scientologist Sam Domingo (51) claims, at least. She says that the Hollywood Star underwent a drug withdrawal-the Ritual of the Church of Scientology.

The former daughter-in-law of star tenor Placido Domingo (78) was for 22 years a member of the sect, and went to the celebrity Center in Los Angeles and. At the beginning of the 1990s, when Scientology called her “Purifikations program” – also “The sweat box” for drug addicts introduced.

He had to five hours of the day in the Sauna

The U.S.-platform “RadarOnline” sweating Domingo, which had spent during their membership in Scientology a lot of time with the family of Tom Cruise (57) told us: “Brad was recruited at the beginning of the 1990s, as he turned with Juliette Lewis in a movie together. You have then put him in the “Purifikations program”. The participants were pumped with vitamins, before you had to be in the Sauna for five hours a sweat.”

Juliette Lewis (46) is still a member of Scientology. The actress was three years with Pitt. The Couple separated in 1993.

Four people came to the withdrawal of the sect lost their lives

According to the 51-Year-old was this withdrawal form is so dangerous that “at least four people died in them”. Brad escaped this dire fate. But Domingo is confident that “his experience with the “sweat-box” were the reason that the sect Pitt could not hold. He escaped from Scientology”. (ds)