The staff of the national Park “Russian Arctic”, the specialists of the Institute of ecology and evolution Russian Academy of Sciences and the scientific expedition centre “Marine mammals” will study endangered Atlantic walruses during a two-month expedition to the Orange Islands (part of Novaya Zemlya archipelago), reported the press service of the Park.

The publication says that these two Islands in the Barents sea attracts walrus, and there they nursed the offspring. For starters, Cape Desire is to be installed field base for scientists ‘ work and state inspectors who will guard the breeding grounds of animals. Then will begin the organization of a constant monitoring of walrus on Big orange Islands. At the end of July to arrive at the place scientific and expeditionary vessel “Mikhail Somov” and bring the house-beams for researchers.

Monitoring of mammals will be conducted through pre-installed camera at the rookeries and with the help of the drone. “Also, the biologists plan to collect the necessary information for adaptation of the rules of visiting the rookeries, to obtain unique information about the most vulnerable group of the Atlantic walrus female with cubs,” — said in the text.

The expedition is supported by the world wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia. A joint project is planned for three years. One of his primary objectives — data collection and compilation rules visit walrus rookeries in the Western sector of the Russian Arctic.