MOSCOW, may 25 — RIA Novosti. the Antiviral drug ramdevpir has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. To such conclusion the group of scientists from the us National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, reports MedicalXpress.

the Researchers conducted an experiment involving more than a thousand people with COVID-19. One group of volunteers was given placebo, the other for ten days intravenously ramdevpir.

In the first case, there was an almost 12% of deaths, whereas in the second — slightly more than 7%. Severe complications were 114 out of 541 patients treated with ramdevpir, and 141 of 522 in the placebo group. In addition, as shown by the results of the study, the drug reduced the time of recovery of patients COVID-19 on average for four days.

Scientists emphasize that their work is preliminary in nature and produce clear insights in need of further elaboration. They added that the results are just below the threshold of statistical significance.

Pandemic coronavirus covered almost the whole world. According to the world health organization, infected nearly 5.2 million people, more than 341 thousand died.

In early may, the who stated that ramdevpir could potentially be used against COVID-19, but so far not enough evidence.