Scientists have once again alienated the date of completion of coronavirus diseases in Russia. The new forecast Singapore expert – August 24. Initially it was reported that the outbreak in Russia could zavalatica August 12. Later the date was moved to August 17.

“the Forecast changes depending on the situation and measures taken in the field of power. The daily increase in the number of cases that in the last three days exceeded 10 thousand people, has again affected the completion date of the outbreak of coronavirus”, – citing scientists Singapore RIA Novosti reported.

For their predictions experts use a mathematical model of the spread of infection, which describes the dynamics of susceptible, infected and recovered. In the basis of the findings – data analysis on the incidence of in 131 countries. In Russia the diagnosis COVID-19, the doctors gave more than 155 thousand citizens of the country. A pandemic has swept almost the entire world. According to who, the number of cases of the novel coronavirus, has exceeded three and a half million people.